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2023: Choosing Between Zoning and Competence

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2023: Choosing Between Zoning and Competence


The introduction of the zoning system into Nigeria political space was to aid the smooth rotation of key political positions across the country. This policy is to achieve fairness, peace and equitable distribution of resource.

As appealing as the concept of zoning might seems to ears, its adverse effect on the economy is something to worry about. With total negligence of sentiments, tribalism, nepotism or ethnocentrism, one would agree that the zoning system is likely to do more harm than good to the Nigerian political system and the economy.

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Accepting the zoning system means that when the zoning favours any geo-political region, anybody from that region can pick a form and run for the office as the constitution regulates with less consideration to capacity to deliver effectively or leadership qualities, and such aspirant will bag away with our votes because he/she has the financial resources.

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Who becomes the next President of Nigeria is the most asked questions in the recent time, with lots of the analysis made by people coming through the lens of zoning system.

Does it really matter if the next President emerges from the North-Central, North-West, North-East, South-South, South-East or South-West? Our next President should emerge from anywhere we find a good candidate, irrespective of party affiliation, state or geo-political zone. It is high time we relegated the Zoning system and focus on capabilities of the aspirants.

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This position is not for the North to still produce the next President but for Nigeria to chase good candidate over zoning. And if a good candidate emerges from the North, why won’t we give our supports?

I urge Nigerians to deduce from the above analysis and make some meaningful decision in 2023. The aspirants need to be scrutinized critically!


2023: Choosing Between Zoning and Competence

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