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2023 General Elections: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

2023 General Elections: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


2023 General Elections: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The epic 1966 film that starred the legendary Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach is nice to watch any day. Clint was the Good, Lee Van Cleef, the bad and Eli Wallach (Tuco), the ugly in this western that has remained a fantastic film with many life lessons if watched with open mind. This triad of fantastic actors remind one of the 2023 elections preparations in Nigeria and the key actors among whom a winner must emerge.  The rest that would be also-rans, who are just there to boost their resumes, collect statutory party funding or use their ‘candidacy’ to bargain with the real contenders for a piece of the action, if you get my drift.

Following the conclusions of the primaries, some of which turned into dollar bazaars and hidden daggers horse-trading that left the governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike, bemused with a vow to injure his traducers, a triad of gladiators emerged.  Two of the candidates represent the past.  Are these the Bad and the Ugly of the 2023 epic battle for the soul of Naija?  Your guess is as good as mine.  And does the sole candidate in whom the vast majority of the future owners appear to repose their hope and aspirations match the Good in that film?  Is he going to cut loose the bad on the gallows and share the booty with him?  Does his pedigree fit the bill of one who plays fair in an unfair environment but ruthless when double-crossed?

Two candidates feel entitled and believe Nigeria is theirs for the taking having joined in its despoliation and pillaging for so long with huge pallazios to show.  They have accumulated war chests and garnered IOUs through unsavoury quid pro quos that shortchanged Nigeria and Nigerians.  They are ready to loot the nation dry and enrich their friends, surrogates and enforcers and after May 29, 2023, join them to sing ‘the beat goes on’ to erase the Nunc Dimitis that belched from loud speakers at Eagle Square.  In their dream.  God forbid!

What gives the confidence with which the Bad and the Ugly dismiss the Good’s foot soldiers as paper tigers and mere social media warriors?  What makes them so sure that they, and not the Good, will win this war.  Could it be because the social media and what it has wrought elsewhere in positive social and political change is beyond their comprehension?  Or their belief that the 2023 elections would be cornered with tainted dollars of unknown origins?  Do they really think the voters can be hoodwinked by the usual noise of promises they do not intend to keep?

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Like putting restructuring in their manifesto and setting up the phantom El Rufai committee as a thin-veiled subterfuge!  Like selling public assets for peanuts, promising Nigerians that they would become more efficiently run but buyers stripped the assets and smiled to the banks.  One used goats to set financial snares and continues to catch elephants around the Mega City at the expense of the dwellers.    One has played in all the leagues and divisions hoping to win the golden boot but each time he changed team, his side lost!

There’s one candidate that is creating a buzz.  The stadiums are full once it is announced that he is playing.  He does not dribble. In fact it looks like he only knows how to shoot straight but his shots are hot and goal keepers pretend to fall to avoid a direct hit.  It looks like the bad and ugly have decided he is the only outsider who can ‘dabaru’ their well laid out plans.  So they jointly attack him using the same coordinated language, like the armed robber and bandit ganging up against law enforcement.

Watch what they say of him:

He has no structure.  He is only on social media.  He has no experience.   He has only 20 youths in a single room posting thousands of stuff on social media.  There is no election on social media.  They are not more than 200 in my state.  They have no PVC.  Where will they get the funds to pay polling agents?  Election no bi moi moi!  Ad infinitum. Ad nauseum.

Yet, when they see him being received like a superstar on the world stage in Europe and the Americas, they change tune – Diasporas do not vote.  Is it not clear now while the Electoral Act was manipulated to kill the proposed diaspora voting?   They foresaw that their vote buying, and use of ethnicity, religion and monetary inducement would not cut it with these fiercely independent folks who are enjoying the fruits of good leadership in their countries of residence.  These ones want to go home to Madagali, Igieduma, Maiduguri, Gusau, Girei or Abakaliki and Abeokuta when on holidays without trepidation.

They want to watch their President hold a press conference and match, or even surpass, the oratory and elocution of his host.  They do not want a President that would first want a diplomatic guarantee that he would be given free passage to Washington due to some cobwebs that have not been cleared.  So they applaud the one who just take his small black traveling suitcase and he is on his way.  Not like the Bad in that film who had a bounty on his head and only survived as long as he had a ‘guardian angel’ to cut the noose at the point of his hanging!

I am not superstitious, but I watch occurrences and search for trends and meanings.  Why is it that in this race anyone that has disagreed with the Good ends up with acrimony in his backyard?  Ask the articulate one that is being wickedly Wike-ed.  Ask the other whose co-contestants are playing Sidon look!  Ask the 3rd crowd puller before the primaries who has since slipped into irrelevant 4th position after claiming the Good is not good enough to be his principal!  I cannot remember who sang ‘another one bites the dust’ but it was a danceable song with excellent beats those days.

Let us warn that on this 3-legged race, we must have multi-level debates and contestants must not give the silly answer given by one Presidential smokesman, sorry, spokesman Femi, who told us someone’s speechless responses is ‘his style’.  We want monthly Presidential Briefings back.  With the next President engaging his countrymen and women in genuine conversations.  If he chooses to lie to us we would like to hear the lie from him.  Use our mandate, freely given, to tell the lie so that the god of mandates would hold you directly responsible rather than have a Garba as alibi.

So folks, before you join the group that claims one Good man cannot win the next election or that ‘they’ don’t want him to win, please think again.  Are you actually on their plan for sharing the gravy after the battle is lost and won?  Are your children’s welfare included in their calculus?  Or do you want to bemoan your fate again that you betted on the wrong horse a second time as you are doing now? Someone claims unabashedly that it is his turn in 2023.  Pray, when will it be your turn if not next year?

When will it be the turn of your children if ancestors continue to rise from the grave and take shots at our presidency endlessly?

I know you are expecting me to tell you who the Good the Bad and the Ugly is in this conversation.  Haba, you know it yourself.  I expect it in your comments.  And if my Good, Bad or Ugly fits your candidate, that’s not my making.  It is the figment of your fantastic fertile imagination.

Vote wisely come February 2023.

2023 General Elections: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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