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2023: Group pledges N120m support for Oshiomhole’s presidential bid

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2023: Group pledges N120m support for Oshiomhole’s presidential bid

Owan and Akoko-Edo Alliance, a socio-political organisation in Edo, says it will raise N120 million to support former Governor of Edo, Mr Adams Oshiomhole’s presidential bid.

Sunny Ifijen, the group’s Chairman, and Omeiza Ogumah, the group’s Secretary, issued a statement in Benin on Friday announcing the group’s decision.

The group stated that it chose to endorse the former governor because of his abilities and the fact that he would improve the country’s polity and government.

According to the alliance, Oshiomhole’s senatorial ambition was never encouraged because it wanted him to run for a higher office, such as President.

“We have always known the capacity and ability of our comrade and hence our decision to support his ambition for higher office and not the senatorial ambition.

“Oshiomhole’s pedigree as a former labour leader, governor and former national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has adequately prepared him for the task of restructuring the change.

“Indeed, the country is in dire need of a change in insecurity, social-political setting, economy and the general wellbeing of the people.

“Of course, we have other capable people aspiring for the same position but Oshiomhole’s antecedents stand him out.

“If his performance as governor of Edo doesn’t say anything about him then I wonder who else is better positioned to occupy the number one political sit in the country,” the group stated.

According to Owan and Akoko-Edo Alliance, Oshiomhole had proved in all offices he held, that the challenges in the country were surmountable.

“That is only if we have leaders that are committed, dedicated and good managers of human and material resources.

“These were the things that guided his (Oshiomhole) achievents in office as governor of Edo and also other endeavours where he excelled.

“Oshiomhole’s popularity has not waned since leaving office unceremoniously as national chairman of the APC.

“He is also a detribalised Nigerian whose friendship cut across every part of the country,” the socio-political group added.

2023: Group pledges N120m support for Oshiomhole’s presidential bid

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