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2023 Presidency: Saraki says it is North-Central’s turn to lead Nigeria

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2023 Presidency: Saraki says it is North-Central’s turn to lead Nigeria

Former Senate President Bukola Saraki stated it was the North-Central geopolitical zone’s turn to govern the country as politicians jockey for the presidency in 2023.

Saraki talked to delegates from Plateau on Tuesday in Jos, ahead of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) primary elections scheduled for May.

The former governor of Kwara, who is one of many candidates vying for the PDP ticket, said the North-Central has continuously backed other areas in leading the country and deserved similar support this time.

In his words, “You remember that before the national convention of our party, we held a meeting in Abuja with delegates of North-Central extraction.

“We said to ourselves that for many times and many years, we, in the North Central, have worked hard, we struggled, used our efforts, used our money, used our energies to support other people to lead.

“Everybody, who had become President under this great party, got the seat because of our massive sacrifices.

“We have now resolved that it is time for others to vote for us in 2023.”

He remarked that the North-Central had capable hands to address the country’s numerous concerns.

If given the chance, Saraki says he would administer an open administration that is transparent and fair to all Nigerians.

The presidential candidate claimed that Nigeria’s security and other problems grew out of control due to a lack of accountability among those in charge of dealing with them.

Saraki went on to say that the country was so divided that it required someone with the ability and understanding of the situation to restore the country’s lost glory and unite the people.

Mr. Chris Hassan, the Plateau PDP Chairman, informed the delegates that Saraki has stood by the state during difficult times.

Saraki, according to Hassan, was a “stabilizing element” who traveled the length and breadth of the country to reconcile PDP members.

According to the chairman, delegates will evaluate all candidates and make an informed decision based on their background.

2023 Presidency: Saraki says it is North-Central’s turn to lead Nigeria

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