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Apa/Agatu 2023: Why Hon. Sani Abu Suleiman is the Best Choice

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Apa/Agatu 2023: Why Hon. Sani Abu Suleiman is the Best Choice


By Matthew Eloyi

Leadership is not a position but a process, whereby an individual works through a series of stages by creating a vision, establishing objectives, and setting goals. It is the setting of directions and following through by intentionally seeking to influence followers (both established and potentials) to perform the various tasks needed to realize the vision to their full potential for as long as possible until the vision and goals are realized.

We must realize that part of the difficulty of leadership is that some people are great visionaries but lack the competence and IQ to influence others in rallying around their vision, others may not be great visionaries, but are very influential and inspirational.

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A leader is an extraordinary individual, a custodian of people, someone who is fully ready to be called upon to be the custodian of what is right and good, lasting, and all of the value for those in care. It involves taking yourself out of the picture and considering the needs of others. It is a way of thinking that takes other people into account even when your own needs are pressing. It seeks what is right or best in the wider interest.

Hon Sani Abu Suleiman is a man of a great visionary, an expert in goals setting, a man of the people, someone who is competent to lead in all aspects of work or life. Suleiman is a philanthropist, he is someone who thinks more of others than himself. He is a man who has the leadership qualities of decisive, action-oriented, opportunistic, resourceful, creative, and open-minded.

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Hon Sani Abu Suleiman is the best choice for the people of Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency come 2023. The good people of Apa/Agatu need someone like Hon. Suleiman is with great vision, competence, intellectual weapon, someone who is eloquent, courageous, focus, and creative enough to deliver to them the dividends of democracy.


Apa/Agatu 2023: Why Hon. Sani Abu Suleiman is the Best Choice

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