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Buhari Commends Good Working Relationship With Legislature

Buhari Commends Good Working Relationship With Legislature

President Muhammadu Buhari has credited the cordial relationship between the Executive and the Legislature for the enormous success his administration has had in building essential infrastructure over the past eight years.

He asserts that any democracy’s foundation is the Legislature.

The National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS), which has its permanent location in Abuja, was inaugurated on Thursday. President Buhari addressed at the event.

“I have traversed all parts of Nigeria in the last few days commissioning several critical national infrastructures that our administration has completed over the past eight years.

“Out successes as a government are primarily due to the harmonious relationship between the Executive and Legislature,” the President said.

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He stated that “the legislature is the cornerstone of any democracy and is vital to ensuring that the wishes and aspirations of all Nigerians are considered during the law-making process.

“It also performs critical functions of overseeing the Executive and ensuring that government spending aligns with legislative intent.”

Harping on the numerous positive outcomes of an independent Legislature, President Buhari declared: “From the moment of my election in 2015 and subsequently, I supported the idea of an independent National Assembly, one that is able to decide its leadership and develop its agenda in line with the manifesto of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“I refrained from meddling in the affairs of the legislature and promoted instead a culture of mutual respect and collaboration between the two Arms.”

According to the president, the friendly ties helped an unprecedented number of bills become law and solve some of the persistent issues that have impeded economic growth and development.

He noted that human capital was the essential lifeblood of a State and its institutions as it aids in the performance of constitutionally assigned mandates better when provided with all the required resources.

Buhari Commends Good Working Relationship With Legislature

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