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Education: Al-Ansar Foundation promotes career development

Education: Al-Ansar Foundation promotes career development

The Al-Ansar Foundation organized a training programme on “The Retrieval Practise,” the best learning technique ever created, as a crucial step in supporting professional development within the education sector.

In recognition of the essential role they play in determining how children learn, this first installment of their monthly lecture series in Abuja focused on school administrators and owners.

Dr. Muhammad Kyari Dikwa, the founder and president of the Al-Ansar Foundation, was represented by Engr. Muktar Usman, his special adviser on policy, projects, and programmes.

On behalf of the Founder and President, Engr Usman welcomed the participants and emphasized the value of the training programme as well as the need for schools to embrace excellent teaching practices.

His speech probably emphasized the foundation’s vision, mission, and objectives for the field of education.

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By taking the initiative to host such an event, the Al-Ansar Foundation showcased its dedication to supporting educators and educational institutions, demonstrating a proactive approach to improving teaching methodologies and empowering educators with the latest research-backed techniques.

Under the guidance of Dr. Ibraheem Dooba, a renowned educationist with extensive global experience, the training session delved into the intricacies of “The Retrieval Practice” method.

Attendees had the opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical knowledge that they could implement within their schools, ultimately benefiting both teachers and students alike.


The dedication of the Al-Ansar Foundation to the planning of this seminar demonstrates its dedication to supporting educational excellence, encouraging professional development, and providing a forum for knowledge exchange within the education community.

The Foundation actively works to improve the general state of the educational system and the calibre of student learning experiences by attending to the particular needs of school administrators and owners.

Education: Al-Ansar Foundation promotes career development

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