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Gov Masari’s political philosophy and achievement

Aminu Masari

Gov Masari’s political philosophy and achievement

Notwithstanding the enormous obstacles of governance created by insecurity, Governor Aminu Masari’s tenure in Katsina state is gradually coming to an end with gigantic achievements after eight years.

It is claimed that one’s motive in life defines the worth of their actions. Furthermore, it’s thought that strength doesn’t come from dominating opponents in a wrestling match, but rather from maintaining composure under pressure.

Anyone who has kept up with events in Katsina state, particularly after Aminu Bello Masari assumed the governorship in 2015, can accept the fact that Masari is someone who is constantly available and eager to reach out to individuals in need throughout the length and breadth of the state.

He is an interesting political figure since he consistently empathizes with all social classes and their struggles. As he was reported in many fora as saying, “Kindness is like butter; it works best when you spread it about,” he pays attention to everyone, whether they are wealthy or not.

Hence, many people across the state have the misconception that, in accordance with his guiding principle of “whoever asks should be provided,” Governor Masari has never refused to give to beggars.

Furthermore, no governor elected, appointed, or political office holder of his calibre has ever shown him kindness or true openness, according to the state’s political history.

Giving credence to this, the Emir of Daura, Faruk Umar Faruk, recently claimed about Governor Masari in front of thousands of his supporters that he is the most sincere man that he has ever met in his lifetime as an Emir, during one of the turbaning rituals in his palace in Daura town.

Masari is not a thief, according to the Emir, who is one of the most revered rulers in the entire Hausa region, despite the fact that the late Yar’adua turbaned the Emir when he was governor. Particularly when it comes to issues of transparency, accountability, and openness, the Emir believes Masari to be telling the truth.

In fact, His Royal Highness expressed his satisfaction with the manner in which banditry and security issues are being taken seriously under the governor’s supervision.

The Emir reportedly stated, “In all my encounters with the governor, I can readily confirm that he is not a thief,” regarding how the state administration has been treating banditry.

In his testimony regarding the governor, His Highness repeatedly referred to Masari as a gentleman, a fine leader, and someone who has the best interests of his people at heart. He also revealed that Masari had broken down in tears countless times over the state’s precarious security situation.

Also, journalists who have been following the state’s developments offered Governor Masari credit for his efforts and decision to confront the bandits at their different camps around the state’s wilderness in order to save the lives of his citizens. In reality, the opposition, in particular, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was forced to declare their joy while also pleading for calm to return to the state.

Journalists and civil society organizations from Katsina complimented the governor for his serious handling of banditry concerns and for providing all necessary help to the state’s security agents in one of its forums.

In one of his visits to Katsina state, the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Alkali, expressed his satisfaction and happiness over the ways in which the state administration is supporting the security operation.

It is true that there is no political animosity at the moment in Katsina state regarding party, legislative, judicial, or executive matters. This is without a doubt due to the state government’s refusal to allow that during the Masari-led administration. Due to Masari’s sincerity towards everyone, there was no animosity or disagreement regarding the way the ward congress, local government congresses, or the state congress of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) were conducted. For the first time in history, members from each of the party’s 34 local governments were in charge of party operations.

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Also, against all difficulties and criticism from both inside and outside the state, Governor Masari is the only chief executive to twice nominate his secretary to the government of the state (SGS). The best part of it all is that Masari is one of the few leaders who can quickly assess the various responses to those with political authority, which are essential in political leadership, as well as responses from those in positions of power that are marked by respect, tolerance, maturity, objectivity, acceptability, and fairness.

One of Governor Masari’s staff members, who did not wish to be identified, said, “My boss is the kind of leader who believes that only false people chatter about everyone.”

He thinks that real individuals take care of their own affairs. Masari never engages in rumours or romances since he constantly does his research before taking any move. He always gave his utmost to carry out his duties, especially when it came to project completion and the growth of the workforce.

According to people close to the governor, Masari is one of the leaders who has a great deal of love and trust for his deputy, Qs. Mannir Yakubu. They frequently eat together and engage for the sole purpose of progressing the state.

Recall that Katsina is the only APC state where the deputy governor was twice elected and that as a result, there is no abuse of power but rather devotion to mankind. Mannir Yakubu, is regarded by many as the most devoted boss. In part, Governor Masari complimented and portrayed him to the public as the most truthful and diligent individual at several Fora. In fact, it’s thought that Masari frequently consults with his deputy for guidance on numerous matters that have an impact on the state.

Today, development projects are popping up all across Katsina, particularly in the field of human capital development. Together with a sharp decline in insecurity, poverty has also sharply decreased. Recently, health officials praised the governor for his accomplishments despite the banditry. Meanwhile, the state’s educational system is emerging from a protracted condition of decline. A large number of pupils who received respectable grades on their WAEC and SSCE exams are being seen as a result of the free education policy in particular. Potable water is currently available, along with environmental protection, thanks to the state government’s dedication.

It is true that Masari’s restoration agenda, which also included well-considered principles of specific action intended to yield positive effects, was implemented in order to successfully manage the political mandate rather than by trial and error.

Masari has unquestionably excelled in human development throughout his years in office.

Political observers claim that, based on the manner Masari has run Katsina over the past years, his work will continue when he leaves the Katsina Government House.

Gov Masari’s political philosophy and achievement

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