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Guber Poll: Catholic priest leads in Benue governorship race

Guber Poll: Catholic priest leads in Benue governorship race

The governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress in Benue State, Rev Fr Hyacinth Alia, is leading in the governorship race following results released by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

The election commission has thus far announced the results for no less than 11 local government units.

The Peoples Democratic Party’s Titus Uba is leading in three local government areas while the Catholic priest is far ahead in eight local government districts.

Below are the results from the INEC Collation Centre Makurdi:

  1. Apa LGA, 11RAs

Accredited voters: 17,435

APC: 7,925

LP: 465

PDP: 7,806

Valid Votes: 6,520

Rejected votes: 485

Total voted cast: 17,005

  1. Gwer West LGA, 15 RAs

Reg Voters: 74,563

Accre voters: 26,333

Votes by parties

APC: 10,947

LP: 1,509

PDP: 13,609

Valid votes: 26,155

Rejected Votes: 175

Votes cast: 26,330

  1. Logo LGA, 10RAs

Reg Voters: 114,100

Accre voters: 33,114

Votes by parties

APC: 15,574

LP: 296

PDP: 16,385

Valid votes: 32,582

Rejected Votes: 509

Votes cast: 33,091

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  1. Ado LGA, 10RAs

Reg Voters: 83,199

Accre voters: 14,811

Votes by parties

APC: 8,662

LP: 308

PDP: 4,379

Valid votes: 14,355

Rejected Votes: 448

Votes cast: 14803

  1. Gwer East LGA, 14 RAs

Reg Voters: 99,851

Accre voters: 34,111

Votes by parties

APC: 20,083

LP: 1,272

PDP: 12,085

Valid votes: 33,601

Rejected Votes: 283

Votes cast: 33,924

  1. Agatu LGA, 10RAs

Reg Voters: 64,315

Accre voters: 18,407.

Guber Poll: Catholic priest leads in Benue governorship race

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