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Islamic group tasks federal government on Nigerian’s safety

Islamic group tasks federal government on Nigerian’s safety

The Da’awah Coordination Council of Nigeria (DCCN) has called on the Federal Government to protect the lives and properties of law-abiding Nigerians across the country.

The council also urged the government to initiate decisive steps to deal with criminal elements regardless of tribe or religion.

DCCN is an umbrella of Islamic Organizations which seeks to coordinate Islamic affairs including teaching and preaching in Nigeria.

Enger Ahmad Muhammad Y Jumba the National Secretary-General (NSG) of the council who stated in a statement that the council has observed that the security challenges facing the country have been turned to a gallery for political leaders in the country.

According to him, the farmers and herders dispute had been ongoing for years and that actors expected to act in abating the issue have been inactive.

He said: “It is most harrowing that some of the leaders who have the moral and legal obligation to resolve the matter have instead settled for subterfuge, profiling and cheap blackmail of Islam and the Muslims merely because some of the suspects are assumed to be Muslims”.

The council commended the Sultan and Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Gumi for standing and working to ensure peace and peaceful coexistence. The NSG stated that efforts of the cleric is not just laudable, but has started yielding results.

“We hope other traditional, religious and community leaders and elders will emulate them in trying to find solution to the problem,” Alhaji Ahmad explained in the statement.

While condemning the tagging of all Fulani and Muslims as criminals due to the activities of a few undesirable elements the council lamented the way herders/farmers conflict was handle by the Governor of Ondo State.

“DCCN had expected him being a Lawyer and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) to be more discreet in the way he managed the matter. He has by his action, profiled a people regardless of the nobleness of the intention and conduct of the vast majority of the people,” the NSG stated.

“Is it justifiable for one to call a particular tribe or adherence of a particular religion drug cartel, ritualists, human traffickers or cybercriminals regardless of the fact that over 90% of the reported cases both nationally and internationally are of the same faith and tribe.

“DCCN dares to say that the action of Mr Akeredolu, is not only unconstitutional, contrary to law and social justice, but it has also given impetus to all manner of persons to give an ultimatum to all herders to leave their land and a practical expression of it by the destruction of their property and the outright killings.

However, DCCN enjoins Nigerians to live in peace and harmony with one another as dictated by Islamic and other religious doctrines and practices.

Islamic group tasks federal government on Nigerian’s safety

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