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Malian Army 62nd Anniversary: President Goïta visits war-wounded

Malian Army 62nd Anniversary: President Goïta visits war-wounded

As part of the celebrations marking the 62nd anniversary of the formation of the National Army, the President of the Transition, HE Colonel Assimi Goïta, Head of State, paid a visit to the war wounded at the Polyclinic of the Armies on Friday, January 20, 2023.

He was accompanied by the Defense and Veterans Affairs Minister, the Prime Minister, the Economy and Finance Minister, the Health and Social Development Minister, and his Special Advisor.

The day of the Armed Forces of Defense and Security, January 20, is not observed by the war wounded. The President of the Transition thought it was important to share a festive meal with these soldiers to show them all his consideration and satisfaction for the services rendered.

According to Colonel Sadio CAMARA, President GOTA used the occasion to wish these war-wounded a speedy recovery while encouraging them to keep their morale high so that Mali can finish what it started, namely, restore security and peace to the country.

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The Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces visited the new emergency blocks of the Armed Forces Policlinic after sharing this meal with the war wounded, with whom he exchanged words before taking a family photo with them.

The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces visited these blocks to observe what is lacking for the operationalization of this service, not only for the benefit of all soldiers but also for the benefit of all Malians.

Following these visits, the Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs, Colonel Sadio CAMARA, emphasized that citizens in Bamako can work freely because others have given their lives and others have been injured so that we can enjoy our health and work.

Malian Army 62nd Anniversary: President Goïta visits war-wounded

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