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NAHCON establishes institute to train, certify employees in hajj sector

NAHCON establishes institute to train, certify employees in hajj sector

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has established the Hajj Institute of Nigeria to train and certify all employees in the Nigerian Hajj and Umrah sector.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NAHCON, Alhaji Zikrullah Hassan, disclosed this on Tuesday at the opening of the institute at Hajj House in Abuja.

Hassan noted that the establishment of the institute would improve the quality of manpower in the hajj and umrah sector and enable the country to be at par with global industry standards.

The chairman also said that the institute would provide an avenue for skills acquisition and entrepreneurship development of youths and be a reference point globally for hajj and umrah training.

He also said that the institute would play a key role in exploring the economic potential abound in the sector which businesses and teeming youths could explore.

“I am confident that the institute will play a critical role in ensuring that Nigeria reaches and remains at the forefront of excellence in the global Hajj and Umrah industry.

“You will agree with me that the world is rapidly advancing in technology and it has become imperative that NAHCON keeps pace with these global trends.

“ In view of this, it has become necessary for us to refocus our strategies and embrace the latest advancements in ICT.

The Saudi Vision 2030, which all Hajj entities across the globe need to align to, has placed a high premium on excellent pilgrims’ services driven by ICT.

“It is for this reason that the Hajj Institute of Nigeria will provide a platform for training and research on various aspects of hajj and umrah, including the use of technology to improve our operations and services.”

Hassan said that the management of hajj in modern times had gone beyond the trial-by-error system it was used to.

According to him, with the help of ICT, operational activities have been propelled to a more efficient level with near-zero room for mistakes which needs the right skilled manpower to run.

Hassan disclosed that the 4th Board of the Commission had chosen to be the pioneer students of the institute not only because of its confidence in the quality of the programmes but to also commence the process of taking Hajj and Umrah to the next level from the very top.

NAHCON establishes institute to train, certify employees in hajj sector

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