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Speaker urges Northern youths to vote for candidates with good plans

Speaker urges Northern youths to vote for candidates with good plans

By Auwal Gombe

Speaker urges Northern youths to vote for candidates with good plans Speaker, Arewa Youth Assembly, Amb Abdul Hameed Danbature, has urged Northern youths to stay focused and vote wisely candidates with plans for their future adding that such would bring rapid development to their various communities.

According to him, youths should not jettison the process, but instead take ownership by getting involved.

He disclosed that Northern youths should take cognisance of their ploy and negative tendencies in order not to fall prey.

Danbature said, “It’s pertinent to note as election is approaching, which is an indispensable feature of democracy. Where citizens exercise their power to elect those who’ll represent them at the helm of political affairs. This exciting season of political clamour has returned in Nigeria.

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“The 2023 election drums have been beaten up, and many politicians have started selling their personal interests and promises to Nigerians especially young people who are going up and down to ensure sure they come to power at the end they will not fulfill their promises.

“They are making noise, setting all forms of political gimmicks by feeding people lies and promising them possible and impossible things.

“I ask young people to vote wisely candidates that will fulfill their promises and also lead them to next level of development.

“In this market of political interest, politics to them is an art of manipulation of personal interest which seems like national interest, the politics of saying anything just to get political power.

“The central and sub-central governments have crowded with mundane political meetings sole aim is to get into power through whatever means. Whereas the masses are left with no trust in those political institutions. Voter anger is skyrocketing in an alarming rate which would invariably affect our nascent democracy.”

While urging youths to refrain from been used by politicians in perpetrating violence, the Speaker, added that youths should channel their interest in entrenching peace and unity.

“This is an appeal to all Northern youths to avoid any act of political thuggery or anything that will lead them to loose focus during and after election.

“The ability of young people to determine the candidate base on credibility and ability to perform certain social functions coupled with the manifesto of party and constantly navigate of the activities of each party would ensure good governance which would bring political development.

“The development of a nation requires the effort of many variables. People should understand that in political sphere there must be a relationship between the rule, ruler and the ruled. The rule elect and the ruler harmonise, determine and coordinate and the ruled then benefits,” he said.

Speaker urges Northern youths to vote for candidates with good plans

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