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While I Congratulate the Och’Idoma

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While I Congratulate the Och’Idoma

By Onoja, Benedict Paul
Congratulations to the newly elected Och’Idoma, His Royal Majesty, Dr. John Elaigwu Odogbo
I have read through the profile of the Och’Idoma-elect and if you asked, I would say that he has the pedigree to lead the Idoma Nation to the promise-land.
It has come to my notice that he is a pastor, and that has raised the eyebrows of many people as to his ability to promote and protect the culture and tradition of the Idoma Nation while on the exalted throne. The man who wears the crown is the only one to sincerely answer that question.
The Kingmakers have done their job in getting a King for us after the hunting expedition of the former Och’Idoma. Although, it may not be easy for him as pastor because so many things will confront his faith; however, with cooperation and consultation with the relevant stakeholders before taking of some key decisions can give him a smooth reign that will foster unity, peace and development that we shall all be proud of.

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Even then, I think what is important now is not a question of his pedigree but we need to set agenda for him to move the Idoma Nation forward in terms of unity, peace, development and projection of the Idoma Nation to the outside world in a positive light.
In the light of the foregoing, as a media scholar and consultant, I wish to bring to the notice of His Royal Majesty, some of my recommendations in my project work during my first degree in Benue State University, Makurdi.
I conducted a research on “The Influence of Satellite Television on Nigeria Culture: An Evaluation of Idoma Culture”. This research made lots findings that satellite television has a lot of influence in projecting peoples’ cultures from different parts of the globe.
It is on this note that I make the following recommendations in the project work:
1. The need to establish Idoma Satellite Television Channel.
2. The need to support Idoma filmmakers, artists and artistes
3. The Need to have an Idoma Day worldwide
4. The need to promote Idoma music and dance
5. The need to promote Idoma language, among others.


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It will be too bulky for me to give further explanation of the recommendations made above and it will be my pleasure for HRM and other stakeholders in Idoma nation to read the full package of the findings by typing the project topic or request for a copy through my WhatsApp phone number attached to this article for more information and access a copy of it.

It is also my humble opinion that we can have milestone achievements as a people if the new Och’Idoma can work in harmony with the relevant stakeholders so that some of the cultures and traditions that 95 percent of the Idoma people have found wanting, to be modified for the best interest of all in the Idoma Nation.
For me, two areas that need modification are:
If Idoma women who are married die, they should be buried in the resident of her husband instead of taking their corpses away to the women’s living relations.
There should be uniformity in traditional marriage of Idoma people with a drastic cut-on the too much expenses on traditional marriage of the Idoma Nation.


Onoja, Benedict Paul
Onoja, Benedict Paul is a Public Affairs Analyst, Media Consultant and Critic.




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