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Women In Jihadi Wars: The Allison Fluke-Ekren’S Zeal and Adventures

Japhil Yila Esq

Women In Jihadi Wars: The Allison Fluke-Ekren’S Zeal and Adventures

Japhil Yila esq…

The long time one of the most wanted woman in the world was finally captured and sentenced in the U.S. Allison Fluke-Ekren, a.k.a Umm Mohammed al-Amriki who led ISIS Battalion by providing Military Training to over 100 women and young girls, in Syria on behalf of ISIS and was also involved in carrying other terrorism Acts in the Middle-east and other part of the world was sentenced to 20 years in prison by a court in District eastern Virginia, U.S.A.

According to reports, Allison, 42, a former resident of Kansas, but later left the U.S and travelled to Syria, Libya, and Iraq between September 2008 to May 2019 wherein she was able to organized, coordinated and masterminded all sort of terrorism activities. Although most of her missions were conducted secretly and undetected, but one prominent mission known was that, she organized and operated a military outfit for the ISIS called, Khatiba Nusaybah with the major responsibility of radicalizing women and young girls, some as young as 10 years old into terrorist activities, training them in the use of assault firearms, use of grenades and explosives, self-defense, tactical attacks and counter attacks, as well as the act of suicide missions and the benefits thereat.

Her intentions came to limelight when her elder daughter in a confessional statement revealed that Allison constantly harassed and compelled her to join ISIS and leave America and join her in the middle-east or face the wrath of Jihadi movement. It was further revealed that she finally succeeded in marrying her to an ISIS leader who repeatedly raped her at age 13! In 2008, Fluke left the U.S and settled in Egypt with her second husband, since deceased, a former member of the Ansar al-Sharia.

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In 2011, she left Egypt and moved to Libya where she was alleged to be part and parcel in the terrorist attack on the U.S special mission and CIA Annex in Benghazi where top secret documents was stolen by her and later transferred to the leadership of Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi.

Few months after that, she began publicly expressing her unquenchable radicalism: first, it was clear she desired and nursed to conduct attacks on the U.S soil, especially, the shopping malls-by driving a truck decorated with bombs to the basements and using a remote control and detonates it and hope thousands dies in the blast! She opined that less casualties is a waste of resources. That nothing sooths the mind than killing thousands in a single blast. Secondly, over the years of her life, and for reasons only known to her, she hated the U.S with unmitigated passion.

Like Osama bin Laden, she disliked everything America, to that extend she feels bad whenever bomb attacks are carried elsewhere. All attacks should be carried in that god-forsaken-soil! She used to blurt.

Thirdly, in 2014, she planned some multiple bomb attacks on U.S based colleges in the mid-west. But it was not certain if she actually succeeded in carrying out any.

Fourthly, in 2016, the ‘Walli’, ISIS mayor of Raqqa Syria mandated her to trained women in Military trainings called Khatibah Nusaybah, an ISIS Military outfit solely for women for attacks and counter-attacks of enemies of the ISIS. Fortunately for her, most of her students successfully carried out bomb attacks in the U.S embassies spread across the Middle-east over the years in suicide missions. In 2018, she instructed some of her lieutenants to send messages to her relatives and on social media that she has died. That was aim at the U.S to halt and discontinue searching for her and her name be struck off their most wanted list. She was later quoted to have declared that, ‘…it’s important to kill the infidels and die as a martyr on behalf of ISIS…’

Apprehended early this year, sentenced on the 25th October, 2022 after pleading guilty in the eastern district of Virginia to organizing and leading an all-female military battalion in Syria on behalf of the ISIS. ISIS among many attributes had the reputation of female recruits as never seen before. The organization has seen the inflow of females joining it. We have seen the uncontrolled, in recent years, a drastic migration of women leaving their countries and joining countries controlled by ISIS.

Unlike in the early days of Jihad, women played little or no role at all. If any, they can only give moral support for their men. But now, women play vital roles, from carrying bombs into the enemies ground, or providing sexual pleasure to the terrorists.  While most of these women accompanied their husbands and join, some with their children, some were charmed and motivated by different reasons in priorities, ranging from the romantic ideal of marrying a fighter for the faith, to earning a reward hereafter.

In the fore years before now, women jihadi fighters were not known. Only but, in recent years did women became prominent, take for instance the earlier jihadist war during the years of the prophet Mohammed [pbuh] there were no record of women involvement, down to the days of the holy crusade to our new generation of Al-Queda, Taliban and the rest. But with the inception of ISIS, women actively participate in their activities and contributes in no small ways for its expansion. Hence, the various Hadiths of the Prophet that there is no greater joy to the believer than coming before Allah with the blood of the infidels… women nowadays don’t want to be left out. They want to contribute their own quota too.

Women In Jihadi Wars: The Allison Fluke-Ekren’S Zeal and Adventures

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