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World Press Freedom Day: NUJ Zone B advocates more protection for journalists

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World Press Freedom Day: NUJ Zone B advocates more protection for journalists

As journalists across the globe observe the 2022 World Press Freedom Day, Zone B of the Nigeria Union of Journalists has called for more rules to safeguard Nigerian journalists from all types of attacks.

Mrs Ronke Samo, the Zone’s Vice President, made the plea in a statement on World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) 2022 in Ado-Ekiti on Tuesday.

She emphasized that the theme of this year’s WPFD, “Journalism under Digital Siege,” was quite pertinent and important.

Hostile policies, mistreatment, inadequate remuneration, and assassination of journalists, according to Samo, must be addressed head-on.

She praised journalists all across the world, particularly in Nigeria, for remaining steadfast, hardworking, and unfazed in the face of the profession’s numerous obstacles.

According to observations by reputable monitoring organizations, Nigeria is among the countries that provide a hostile climate for reporting.

Despite the hostile and frightening atmosphere, she advised journalists not to give up on their efforts to ensure that the society was correctly, truthfully, and broadly informed in a professional manner.

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According to her, such a bold gesture will not only free society, but will also destroy progress’s foes in the shortest period feasible.

In her words, “Today marks the celebration of our struggle for the freedom of the press and we must rejoice, even in the face of daunting challenges.

“This is because we have actually been winning the war against several attempts and actions by the hostile stakeholders to gag the press.

“The freedom of the press ensures justice, fairness and true freedom of any society and scares away evil doers.

“The foregoing shows that our common enemy as Journalists today is the challenge we are facing with being under a digital siege.

”We urge our colleagues to be discreet and professional in performing their duties, to avoid possible pitfalls.

“We equally urge the state to urgently formulate policies and put in place frameworks that would protect the Press from the emerging threat from advancement in digital technology.

“This should be done in a most patriotic manner because of the fact that a truly free press will bring progress, fairness, justice and true freedom for our society.”

World Press Freedom Day: NUJ Zone B advocates more protection for journalists

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