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Sleep well, Aketi 

Sleep well, Aketi 

By Professor Ojo Emmanuel Ademola

It’s indeed difficult for me to accept that Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu has finally answered the call of the Almighty!

What a day! Today, we bid farewell to an extraordinary individual, a beacon of courage, admired for his unwavering patriotism and selflessness.

Arakunri traversed this world as a sincere exemplar of astute leadership, embodying the essence of a genuine progressive leader. Indeed his passing is a colossal loss to Ondo State and Nigeria at large.

I joined the people of Ondo State in mourning the loss of a unique voice of reasoning and conscience, a man who stood steadfastly inference of his people and country in the absolute interest of nation-building, even in the face of overwhelming challenges and upheaval intentions.

While his departure brings immense sorrow, we find comfort in the indelible legacies he has left behind as a noble gentleman and a dedicated statesman.

In the serene embrace of fate, we find ourselves bidding adieu to a luminary who graced our lives with his unwavering commitment, Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu. His departure leaves a profound void in our hearts, yet his indomitable spirit and legacy echo louder than the sombre whispers of this moment.

Governor Akeredolu wasn’t just a leader; he was the embodiment of resilience, a compass guiding us through turbulent tides, and a guardian of unwavering principles. His unwavering dedication to the prosperity of Ondo State and the larger tapestry of Nigeria carved an enduring legacy, etched in the annals of our collective memory.

Arakunri, as he was affectionately known, trod the path of leadership with unmatched sincerity, weaving dreams of progress and prosperity for his people. His vision transcended boundaries, reaching the farthest corners, touching lives, and sowing seeds of hope that will perennially bloom.

In moments of uncertainty, his voice resonated as a beacon of reason, a steadying force amid chaos. His footsteps imprinted not just on the soil of Ondo State but on the hearts of generations yet to come, teaching us the essence of selflessness and service.

Today, as we mourn his departure, we take solace in the timeless legacy he leaves behind. His legacy isn’t just a testament to his tenure; it’s a living testament to the values he embodied, the lives he touched, and the dreams he nurtured.

May his legacy stand tall as a lighthouse, guiding future leaders toward compassion, integrity, and unwavering dedication to the people they serve. Our prayers and thoughts extend to his family, seeking solace in the memories of a man who became a beacon of hope for an entire state and nation.

Rest in eternal peace, Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, for your legacy is engraved in the very fabric of our existence, and your impact shall endure for eternity.

May God in His eternal mercy provide solace to his immediate family during this challenging time.

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