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Jumma’at Dialogue with Barr. Dalung

Jumma'at Dialogue with Barr. Dalung JUMA’AT DIALOGUEHow I wish when I am no more people will be honest to do me justice by repeating exactly the bad things they have been saying about me when I am alive at my funeral. I am always

The Buhari interview

The Buhari interview By ETIM ETIM Even if it did not break any news, the 90-minute exclusive interview of President Buhari by Nigeria’s cable network, Arise News, did show that the Nigerian leader is not as demented as Farooq Kperoqi

Who is after Dr Pantami?

Who is after Dr Pantami? By Ali Abare It's now evidently clear that some vested interests are after the skin of the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Pantami. Judging from the relentless unearthing of


MERCY: TILL THE END OF TIME Lady Zakari LDM Islam to me is the best guidence that Allah have sent to the human race and the race of Jinns as a holistic, complete, fair, just and a total way of life, that is to guide human race of any