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A Call for Patience: Why Nigerians Should Give Tinubu’s Presidency a Chance 

A Call for Patience: Why Nigerians Should Give Tinubu’s Presidency a Chance 

By: Ojo Emmanuel Ademola

As the first Nigerian Professor of Cyber Security and Information Technology Management and the first professor of African descent to be a chartered manager globally, I have dedicated my career to advancing the fields of technology and management in Nigeria. My commitment to national development and progress has always been unwavering. In light of this, last year, I fervently believed that Bola Tinubu would be the leader capable of ushering in positive change for Nigeria. With this conviction, I wholeheartedly campaigned for his presidency, fueled by the sincere desire to see our nation thrive under his leadership.

I understand that there may be some questioning my endorsement of President Tinubu, especially in light of the complaints surrounding the ongoing restructuring efforts. However, in this pivotal moment, I urge my fellow Nigerians to exercise patience and maintain hope for the future under President Tinubu’s leadership. It is natural for there to be challenges and adjustments during a period of restructuring, but I firmly believe that these efforts are laying the foundation for long-term progress and prosperity. Let us trust in President Tinubu’s vision and steadfast commitment to the nation, remaining optimistic that the dividends of these efforts will soon become evident to all.

It is important to remember that change takes time, and the transformation of a nation is not an easy feat. President Tinubu, with his extensive experience and leadership, has the vision, dedication, and capability to deliver on his renewed mandate agenda, steering the nation towards prosperity and progress. As we navigate through this period of change, it’s essential to maintain faith and confidence in the leadership, knowing that the President’s commitment to serving the nation is unwavering. It may take time, but I am firmly convinced that tangible benefits and the dividends of democracy will soon materialize under President Tinubu’s capable leadership, benefiting all Nigerians.

I did not support President Tinubu for personal gain; rather, my endorsement stemmed from a sincere and profound belief that he is the leader best suited to bring about positive change for our country. While there have been concerns and criticisms surrounding the initial phases of his presidency, it’s crucial to recognize that President Tinubu has only been in office for a relatively short period. It’s premature to pass judgment on his ability to effect change and deliver on his promises. As we move forward, it’s important to give the President the time and space needed to implement his policies and initiatives, allowing for a fair and comprehensive assessment of his leadership.

I call on my fellow citizens to have faith in President Tinubu’s leadership and to give him the time and support needed to implement his plans for the betterment of Nigeria. Let us acknowledge that change and progress take time, and let us remain united in our hope for a brighter future for our nation. It is imperative that we work together, setting aside our differences, to build a stronger and more prosperous Nigeria under President Tinubu’s leadership. Let us collectively strive towards a shared vision of progress and development, supporting the President in his efforts to address the challenges facing our country and to bring about positive transformation. With a unified purpose and determination, we can contribute to the realization of a more vibrant and thriving nation for generations to come.

The Renewed Hope Agenda, for which many of us fought passionately, will come to fruition if we stand by our president and give him the opportunity to lead us towards a better tomorrow. We must remain steadfast in our support and trust in the vision outlined in the Renewed Hope Agenda. By standing together, unified in our determination, we can empower our President to steer the nation toward a future marked by progress, opportunity, and prosperity. It is through our collective commitment and perseverance that we can pave the way for the realization of the agenda’s transformative promises. Let us reaffirm our dedication to this common cause and work in harmony with President Tinubu to build a nation that fulfils the aspirations of all its citizens.

Let us be patient and optimistic, for I am confident that President Tinubu will deliver on his promises and bring about the positive change we so desperately need. It is in this hopeful spirit that we must recognize the complexities of governing and the time it takes to effect meaningful change. With unwavering faith in our leader’s abilities and determination, we can rest assured that the vision for a better future will be realized. As we navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, let us stand united in our belief that President Tinubu’s leadership will lead us to a brighter tomorrow. Let us embrace patience, optimism, and steadfast resolve as we await the fulfilment of his transformative agenda for our nation.

Together, let us remain steadfast in our support and belief in President Tinubu’s ability to lead Nigeria to greater heights. Let us stand united in our commitment to his vision for a prosperous and inclusive nation, and let us work hand in hand to overcome any obstacles that may arise along this journey. It is through our collective determination and unwavering support that we will contribute to the realization of President Tinubu’s transformative agenda, driving our nation towards a future of progress and prosperity. As we stand shoulder to shoulder, let us remain resolute in our conviction that under President Tinubu’s leadership, Nigeria will flourish and thrive, and the hopes and aspirations of our citizens will be realised.

Thank you,

Ojo Emmanuel Ademola
The First Nigerian Professor of Cyber Security and Information Technology Management

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