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Ajaero: Shelve your planned strike, APC group begs NLC

Ajaero: Shelve your planned strike, APC group begs NLC

By Matthew Atungwu

Support groups for the Confederation of All Progressives Congress (APC) have urged the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) to postpone its intended statewide strike.

The call was issued in a statement on Monday in Abuja by Kailani Muhammad, the group’s director-general.

According to Muhammad, the country’s socio-democratic procedures and entire economic structure might be upended by such a premeditated operation.

“We are using this forum to passionately appeal to NLC, the umbrella body of Nigerian workers, to shelve its planned strike on the physical assault on the NLC President, Comrade Joe Ajaero, in Imo State.

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“We believe that the NLC knows the consequences of the planned strike fully well, more than anybody else,” the director-general said.

He said that the planned strike would have a devastating effect on the nation.

According to him, it might derail and stampede the Nigerian economy and create unnecessary chaos through the consequential halting of all economic activities in the country.

“The commoner on the street, whom the NLC protects, will be more negatively impacted. This is because the already high cost of goods and services will soar to unimaginable proportions.

“This is deadly because they cannot be bought down by changing situations. As we all know, prices never come down in Nigeria once they go up.

“It is given the above submissions that we are making this appeal, firstly as concerned citizens and, more importantly, as true democrats, whose main focus is the well-being of the Nigerian nation,” Muhammed said.

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