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Barkindo unveil history book in Baghdad to mark its 60th anniversary

Barkindo unveil history book in Baghdad to mark its 60th anniversary

All is set for the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to formally unveil its history book at the Iraq Energy Forum (IEF), to mark the organisation’s 60th anniversary, according to its Secretary-General, Dr Mohammad Barkindo.

The new book captioned “OPEC 60 Years And Beyond: A Story of Courage, Cooperation And Commitment”, will be publicly presented tomorrow at the famous Al Shaab Hall, Baghdad, Iraq.

Dr Barkindo, who is making a return to Iraq after 3 decades, recalls that Al Shaab Hall was the historic venue where OPEC was founded in 1960.

He said as the birthplace of OPEC in 1960 and one of the world’s most important oil providers, Iraq, the cradle of civilisation and the land of prophets, was especially well suited to host discussions on how to ensure a stable, secure and sustainable energy future for all.

The latest book is an A-rated publication that would be of interest to many, especially those seeking more insights into the global oil market dynamics, geopolitics, oil diplomacy, secrets behind the survival and sustainability of OPEC, the birth of the behemoth OPEC+ that shakes the market, why, when OPEC sneezes, the world catches a cold, future of OPEC and the energy market, among others.

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