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BRAVE-IT Advocates Civilian Engagement in Countering Insecurity

BRAVE-IT Advocates Civilian Engagement in Countering Insecurity

By Matthew Eloyi

Insecurity in Nigeria remains a pressing challenge, with its ramifications extending far beyond mere disruption of peace. Dr MS Abubakar, National Patron of Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism Insurgency and Terrorism (BRAVE-IT), emphasised this during a breakfast meeting on national security organised by the organisation in Abuja on Friday.

Dr Abubakar highlighted that while economic concerns persist, it is the looming shadow of insecurity that casts the darkest pall over the nation. “Even the economy is performing poorly because the security is not there,” he lamented. In response to this crisis, he urged civilians to take the initiative to organize themselves and assert their voices in matters of security, recognizing its direct impact on their survival.

Drawing parallels with countries like Pakistan and Egypt, where substantial military presence is evident, Dr Abubakar underscored the glaring disparity in Nigeria’s security apparatus. According to him, with a population surpassing that of Egypt, Nigeria finds itself under-policed and lacking in military strength.

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However, Dr Abubakar emphasized that military might alone cannot eradicate the root causes of insecurity. According to the security expert, poverty stands as the primary instigator, though not the sole one, with ignorance, revenge, extremism, and exclusion also fueling the flames of unrest. He noted that these multifaceted issues demand a holistic approach from both governmental and civilian entities.

He urged civilians to break their silence and actively oppose the actions of insurgent groups, emphasizing the importance of intelligence gathering in combating insecurity.

Praising the efforts of military leadership, particularly General Christopher Musa, Dr Abubakar commended their role in stabilizing the Northeast region. However, he also stressed the need for continual improvement, affirming that the armed forces can further enhance their proactiveness and effectiveness in curbing the issues of kidnapping in parts of Kaduna and Zamfara states.

In conclusion, Dr Abubakar reiterated the imperative for civilian engagement, urging Nigerians to embrace the ethos of “If you see something, Say Something” and collaborate in exposing those aiding criminal activities.


BRAVE-IT Advocates Civilian Engagement in Countering Insecurity

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