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Buratai: Tinubu’s victory solidifies triumph of democracy

Buratai: Tinubu’s victory solidifies triumph of democracy

A former Chief of Army Staff and Nigeria’s ambassador to the Republic of Benin, Lt-Gen Tukur Buratai (Rtd), says President Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s victory at the Presidential Elections Petition Court has furthered the success of democracy in Nigeria.

In a letter of congratulations to the President, the former Army Chief stated that the court’s decision “not only upholds the principles of justice and fairness but also reinforces the triumph of democracy.”

He urged people from all backgrounds to support the president and his plan for a better Nigeria by supporting Renewed Hope.

He said, “Let us all unite under the banner of democracy and strive towards a brighter future for our nation.

“While political affiliations often divide individuals into different parties, it is crucial to recognize that once elected, there can only be one president at a time.

“It is, therefore, essential for all citizens, regardless of their party affiliations, to unite and support President Bola Ahmed Tinubu,” Buratai said.

He said that by setting aside our differences and working together towards a common goal, we can foster a sense of unity and ensure an effective functioning government.

“It is through this collective effort that we can maximize the potential for positive change and encourage the development of policies that benefit the entire nation.

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“It is essential for us to acknowledge that, despite our varying political affiliations, we all share a common objective – advancing our nation,” he said.

The former army chief said that the success of any political party hinged on its ability to serve the people’s interests, uphold democratic principles, and promote unity.

He urged all Nigerians to concentrate on matters of utmost importance and engage in productive discussions that would bring about positive transformation.

He said that every segment of society played a crucial role in the country’s peace, development, security, and progress, adding that states and local government administrations were particularly essential in this endeavor.

He explained that states and local governments, being the closest level of government to the people, bore the responsibility of effectively providing essential services, maintaining law and order, and promoting economic growth within their respective jurisdictions.

According to him, by working in tandem with the Federal Government, states and local governments can address the unique needs and concerns of their communities, fostering a sense of inclusivity and empowerment.

“Their involvement in policy-making and implementation allows for a more comprehensive approach to national development, ensuring that every citizen can benefit from the advancements and opportunities that arise.

“Therefore, the states and local government administrations must carry out their responsibilities efficiently as they form the backbone of our nation’s progress and prosperity,” he said.

Buratai: Tinubu’s victory solidifies triumph of democracy

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