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Chief Alapa Urges Idoma Unity and Development

Chief Alapa Urges Idoma Unity and Development

By Lawrence Bilal Audu

Chief Nelson Alapa, a distinguished statesman and former member of the Federal House of Representatives for Otukpo-Ohimini federal constituency, has issued a fervent plea to the Idoma community, urging them to come together and establish a unified front in order to foster progress and prosperity in their homeland.

Chief Alapa, while re-echoing the counsel of His Majesty the Och’ Idoma, Dr Elaigwu Odugbo John, who at a recent Idoma National Prayer Summit charged his subjects to imbibe the spirit of unity, purity and dedication to God for the greater glory of the Kingdom and it’s people, further emphasized the importance of cohesion and collaboration among all Idoma individuals, stressing that unity is paramount for the advancement of the Idoma nation as a whole.

“I wish to align with His Majesty Agaba-Idu Dr Elaigwu Odugbo John CON on this auspicious call for unity which has become very crucial. We must work together putting aside our political, class and religious differences to bring development home. A house divided against itself can hardly stand” He said.

Alapa highlighted the need for a shared vision and collective effort to drive development initiatives and address key challenges facing the Idoma people.

Furthermore, Chief Alapa directed his message towards the younger generation, calling on Idoma youths to actively engage in constructive and purposeful endeavours that will not only empower them but also equip them for a successful future.

The elder statesman underscored the vital role of elders in guiding and mentoring the youth, emphasizing that the older generation should serve as a source of wisdom and support for the younger members of the community. Chief Alapa urged elders to position themselves as beacons of guidance and inspiration, providing a solid foundation for the growth and development of future leaders within the Idoma society.

Chief Alapa concluded by reiterating that for the Idoma people to secure their rightful position and make significant strides in various spheres of influence, unity, respect, and cooperation among all members of the community are essential. His impassioned call for unity and collaboration serves as a rallying cry for the Idoma people to come together, overcome divisions, and work towards a brighter and more prosperous future for generations to come.

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