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CJN urges judges to uphold judiciary integrity

CJN urges judges to uphold judiciary integrity

The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Olukayode Ariwoola, has urged judges to uphold the integrity for which the judiciary is renowned, emphasizing the importance of fairness and firmness in their judgments.

Speaking at the commencement of the special session of the 2023/2024 Legal year and the swearing-in of 58 newly conferred Senior Advocates of Nigeria in Abuja, the CJN emphasized the need for diligence, honesty, and courtesy towards litigants, witnesses, and members of the bar.

Ariwoola stressed the expectation for judicial officers to work diligently, maintaining humility in discharging their duties.

He affirmed the judiciary’s commitment to safeguarding the rule of law, ensuring its holistic independence, and preserving the trust and confidence of the public.

The CJN reiterated the judiciary’s determination not to be swayed by public sentiments in their decisions, emphasizing that the law remains steadfast, regardless of whose interest is at stake.

In delivering his charge to the judges, Ariwoola urged them to separate emotion from logic and distinguish assumption from fact in their roles as interpreters of the law. He reminded them that public opinions, sentiments, or emotions should never supersede the law in determining the cases before them.

The CJN highlighted the judiciary’s current status, asserting that it is more deserving of public trust and confidence than ever before. He expressed the judiciary’s commitment to repositioning for effective justice delivery, making the country a notable destination for upholding the rule of law and constitutional tenets.

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