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Families: Frontline Warriors in the Fight Against Drug Abuse

Families: Frontline Warriors in the Fight Against Drug Abuse

Families: Frontline Warriors in the Fight Against Drug Abuse

By Ayshatu S. Rabo

…Grace Thomas Foundation Urges Parental Involvement in Drug Prevention

In a bold move to tackle drug abuse at its roots, the Grace Thomas Foundation, in partnership with the Christopher Oghogho Foundation, has called on families, especially parents, to take an active role in combating substance abuse. This appeal was made during the Women and Family Drug Education Programme (WOFADEP) in Abuja, themed “The Role of Family in Drug Abuse Prevention.”

Mrs. Rejoice Henry-Wesley, CEO of the Grace Thomas Foundation, emphasized the necessity of addressing drug abuse from the family level. She shared her personal story of losing a sister to substance abuse, highlighting how this tragedy motivated her to educate others on the dangers of drug addiction.

“Drug use is a universal problem that can affect any family. When a family member uses drugs, it often leads to stress, conflict, and a sense of helplessness,” Henry-Wesley said. “The shame associated with drug use can cause denial, complicating recovery and support.”

Henry-Wesley stressed that education could cut substance abuse by half. By educating families, particularly parents, they can be better equipped to prevent drug abuse within their households. She urged mothers to stay close to their children, look out for warning signs, and build strong relationships to guide them away from harmful influences.

Mrs. Celina Onogwu of the Christopher Oghogho Foundation for Women, Girls, and Youth, highlighted the growing issue of drug abuse among women and its detrimental impact on families. She called for increased awareness and education to help families understand and combat drug abuse effectively.

Precious Oyutu, an Assistant Commander of Narcotics with the NDLEA, stressed the importance of starting the fight against drug abuse within the family. By educating parents on coping strategies and communication, the family unit can become a crucial line of defense against substance abuse.

Edith Bagorma, a member of Women of Worth, called for collaborative efforts among organizations to address the drug abuse epidemic. She urged women to take the lead in this fight, given their close relationship with their children, and encouraged stakeholders to work together to combat this societal menace.

The event underscored the pivotal role of families in preventing drug abuse. By fostering supportive family environments and advocating for comprehensive preventive measures, society can create a resilient foundation to mitigate the risks and impacts of substance abuse.

Families: Frontline Warriors in the Fight Against Drug Abuse

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