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Gombe Gov Presents N207.75 Billion 2024 Budget, Highlights Focus on Development, Continuity

Gombe Gov Presents N207.75 Billion 2024 Budget, Highlights Focus on Development, Continuity

By Matthew Eloyi

Gombe State Governor, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya, presented the 2024 budget proposal to the Gombe State House of Assembly on Monday, December 4, 2023, highlighting its focus on development, continuity, and consolidation.

The proposed budget amounts to N207.75 billion and marks the first budget in Governor Yahaya’s second term in office.

The governor expressed gratitude to God and emphasized the responsibility placed on the state government to address uncertainties and challenges both locally and globally. He underscored the importance of crafting a budget that aligns with economic realities and addresses the needs of the people.

Reviewing the implementation of the 2023 budget, Governor Yahaya provided detailed insights. The approved budget of N176.55 billion, comprising N76.55 billion for recurrent expenditures and N99.46 billion for capital expenditures, witnessed a review of N168.38 billion through a supplementary budget.

The governor highlighted the performance of recurrent revenue, which stood at 85.30%, and the capital expenditure budget, which achieved 52.12% by the end of September 2023.

Moving on to the 2024 budget proposal, Governor Yahaya outlined a total budget of N207.75 billion, with N87.25 billion allocated for recurrent expenditure (42%) and N120.5 billion for capital expenditure (58%). The governor expressed the intention to generate N121.91 billion as recurrent revenues and N138.91 billion as capital receipts, projecting an estimated closing balance of N18.41 billion.

The proposed sectoral allocations for the 2024 budget were presented, with a breakdown of revenue and expenditure estimates. Key sectors such as the economic sector, education, health, and internal security received significant allocations to address developmental needs.

Governor Yahaya highlighted specific allocations for various sectors, including agriculture, trade, industry, tourism, works, housing, and transport, among others. Noteworthy is the allocation of N550 million for internal security and home affairs, reflecting the state government’s commitment to ensuring the security of lives and property.

The governor also emphasized the importance of fiscal responsibility, acknowledging the state’s positive ranking in fiscal performance and transparency indices. He assured that the budget was rooted in principles of fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability, with a commitment to judiciously spending allocated funds.

In conclusion, Governor Yahaya presented the 2024 budget proposal, tagged “Budget of Continuity and Consolidation,” expressing his desire to build on the achievements of his first term and consolidate past gains.

He called on the State House of Assembly to scrutinize the budget and provide constructive insights for enrichment, promising a Gombe State that is all-inclusive, prosperous, resilient, and forward-looking.

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