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Gov Dikko Radda Advocates for Increased Military Presence to Tackle Insecurity

Gov Dikko Radda Advocates for Increased Military Presence to Tackle Insecurity

Gov Dikko Radda Advocates for Increased Military Presence to Tackle Insecurity

In a significant step towards bolstering secutity His Excellency Dr. Dikko Umar Radda, the Executive Governor of Katsina State, met with General Christopher Gwabin Musa, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), at the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) in Abuja today. Governor Radda’s visit primarily aimed at recognising the pivotal role played by the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) in addressing security challenges within Katsina State and advocating for an increased military presence in the region.

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Expressing gratitude for the AFN’s efforts, Governor Radda emphasised the necessity for heightened funding to empower the military in executing their duties effectively. In his words, “I commend the Armed Forces for their efforts and appeal for more funding to enhance their effectiveness in tackling criminal activities.”

During the courtesy call, Governor Radda shed light on the State Community Watch, a local security initiative designed to complement military efforts. He stated, “Our State Community Watch, comprised of local youths and dedicated citizens, stands as our commitment to supporting the military in combating crime.”

Recognizing the geographical proximity of Katsina State to Niger Republic, Governor Radda called for increased military surveillance to prevent potential security breaches.

“Given our close proximity to Niger Republic, I urge heightened military surveillance to prevent potential security breaches in the region,” he emphasised.

In response to Governor Radda’s concerns, General Christopher Gwabin Musa expressed gratitude and commended the state’s commitment to addressing insecurity. He highlighted the positive impact of the State Community Watch, saying, “I thank Governor Radda for his visit and commend Katsina’s initiatives, particularly the establishment of the state security outfit.”

Furthermore, General Musa urged other states to follow Katsina’s lead in establishing their security outfits, underlining the need for collaborative efforts between states and the military.

“Other states should emulate Katsina’s commendable approach by establishing their security outfits, emphasizing the collaborative effort required to combat crime nationwide,” he urged.

As the nation grapples with security challenges, Governor Radda’s visit to the Defence Headquarters underscores the imperative for collaborative efforts between state governments and the military to fortify national security measures. The call for increased military presence in Katsina State reflects a proactive stance in addressing the evolving security landscape and safeguarding the well-being of citizens. The establishment of local security initiatives, as demonstrated by Katsina, serves as a model for fostering community engagement in the fight against crime.

Gov Dikko Radda Advocates for Increased Military Presence to Tackle Insecurity

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