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Group harps on tolerance to sustain peace, unity in Nigeria

Group harps on tolerance to sustain peace, unity in Nigeria

By Matthew Atungwu

The National Festival of Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence Program’s National Coordinator, Ms. Ijeoma Akwara, has stated that tolerance is essential to sustaining peace and unity in Nigeria.

Akwara made this statement on Thursday, in observance of November 16, which is annually observed as the World National Festival of Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence.

According to her, the group planned to commemorate the day in Nigeria at a later time, in conjunction with the National Values Charter, which was grounded in belief.

She said that a number of impact-oriented events were used to launch the festival with the goal of promoting values.

Akwara stated that the events will consist of lectures, cultural, and educational activities, among other things.

Akwara emphasized the importance of tolerance and peaceful coexistence while praising Malam Lanre Onilu, the director-general of the National Orientation Agency, for supporting the programme.

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She said that Onilu was a dedicated individual who had demonstrated an interest in maintaining national unity.

“The National Value Charter is a testament to the Director-General of National Orientation Agency, Malam Lanre Onilu‘s, commitment to building on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s transformative vision.

‘’The renewed hope agenda endeavoring to make the promise of democracy a reality for all Nigerians, irrespective of their tribal affiliation or religious beliefs.

“This charter is not just a document; I believe that it is a call to action for all Nigerians to embrace the values of tolerance, respect, and understanding that are essential for building a just and equitable society.

“I believe that the National Value Charter will play a vital role in promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence in Nigeria.

“Tolerance and peaceful coexistence are essential for the development of a harmonious and prosperous Nigerian society,” Akwara said.

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