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Hon. Pastor Ojotu Ojema Charts a Course of Progress for Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency

Hon. Pastor Ojotu Ojema Charts a Course of Progress for Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency


OurNigeria News Magazine recently had an exclusive conversation with Hon. Pastor Ojotu Ojema, the Honourable Member Representing Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency and Chairman of the House Standing Committee on National Inland Waterways. In the interview, he shared insights into his political journey and outlined his plans for the constituency.


A Journey of Service and Leadership


Hon. Pastor Ojema recounted his journey from humble beginnings in Obagaji, the headquarters of Agatu Local Government Area of Benue State where he pursued his primary and secondary education, and later earned a Diploma in Personnel Management from Benue State University, after which he embarked on a career in the Benue State Government, where his dedication and quest for knowledge led him to further studies and obtained a B. Sc in Political Science and M. Sc in Public Administration and currently a PhD student. His leadership roles in various capacities, including as the President of the National Association of Idoma Students at Benue State University, showcased his commitment to service.


Priorities and Accomplishments


Having been in the House of Representatives for three months, Hon. Pastor Ojema emphasized his core mandates as a representative: representation, lawmaking, and oversight. He wasted no time in bringing the pressing issues of insecurity and floods in Apa/Agatu before the House. Notably, he has already brought solar lighting to six wards in Apa Local Government Area and conducted a visit to Ugbokpo to address recent flood victims.


Empowering Water Transportation in Nigeria


In his role as Chairman of the House Committee on National Inland Waterways, Hon. Pastor Ojema outlined his plans to push for the expansion and development of the Nigerian inland waterways. He stressed the importance of this initiative, especially for rural areas where access to transportation is limited. He emphasized that an expanded and navigable waterway system would not only enhance economic activities but also provide a safer and more efficient means of transportation.


Boosting Agricultural Productivity


Recognizing agriculture’s vital role in his constituency’s economy, Hon. Pastor Ojema discussed plans to support local farmers and enhance agricultural productivity. He highlighted the need to address insecurity, provide loans to farmers, and implement compensation measures for losses due to natural disasters. His focus on creating a conducive environment for rural farmers demonstrated his commitment to driving agricultural growth.


Transparency and Accountability


As a former civil servant, pastor, and unionist, Hon. Pastor Ojema emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability. He pledged to maintain open communication with his constituents, holding regular meetings and providing updates on his activities. He reiterated his dedication to earning and maintaining the trust of the people he represents.


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Constituency Projects


Hon. Pastor Ojema explained the process of initiating constituency projects, emphasizing that the projects would be determined in consultation with the community. He emphasized the importance of aligning projects with the actual needs and priorities of the constituents, ensuring that resources are utilized effectively.


A Call for Unity


In a heartfelt message to the people of Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency, Hon. Pastor Ojema urged unity and collaboration for meaningful development. He stressed that a united front would lead to greater recognition and support from the government, emphasizing that Apa/Agatu had chosen wisely in their representation.


In conclusion, Hon. Pastor Ojotu Ojema expressed his readiness to serve and lead his constituency. He called for the continued support and prayers of his constituents as he embarks on this journey of progress and development for Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency.


Hon. Pastor Ojotu Ojema Charts a Course of Progress for Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency

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