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Ikere Ekiti Prepares for Olosunta Festival with Strategic Collaboration

Ikere Ekiti Prepares for Olosunta Festival with Strategic Collaboration

Jerry Adesewo

In a significant move towards the upcoming Olosunta Orun Ikere Festival, His Royal Majesty Oba Ganiyu Obasoyin, the Olukere of Ikere Ekiti, along with members of the Olukere in Council, visited the office of the Director General of the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development. This visit marks a crucial step in the preparations for the festival, slated to take place in August.

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The Olosunta Festival is an annual celebration dedicated to the Olosunta Mountain, a site of immense historical and cultural importance to the people of Ikere Ekiti. The mountain is considered a mystical landmark intertwined with the origins of the Ikere Ekiti community. Each year, the festival draws thousands of tourists from around the globe, eager to experience the vibrant cultural heritage and festivities.

During the meeting, the Olukere, Oba Ganiyu Obasoyin highlighted the festival’s growing international reputation and the need for robust support from the Bureau. “The Olosunta Festival has grown to an international level, attracting visitors from far and wide. Our aim is to showcase the unique cultural heritage of Ikere Ekiti and further boost tourism in the region,” stated Oba Ganiyu Obasoyin.

The Director General of the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development, Barrister Wale Ojo-Lanre, along with his team, including Barrister Adegboyega Morakinyo (Executive Secretary), Peculiar Ekiran (Special Assistant, Tourism), and Dolapo Ogunleye, warmly welcomed the Olukere and his council. The DG commended their dedication to preserving and promoting the cultural traditions of Ikere Ekiti.

“We recognize the tremendous efforts of the Olukere in Council in organizing the Olosunta Festival each year. This festival is not just a cultural event but a significant tourism affair that contributes to the local economy and enhances the cultural visibility of Ekiti State,” remarked Barrister Ojo-Lanre.

In response to the Olukere’s call for collaboration, the Director General assured that the Bureau of Tourism Development would provide substantial support to ensure the festival’s success. “We are committed to enhancing the Olosunta Festival by providing necessary resources and promotional support. Our goal is to make this festival a landmark event that continues to attract global attention and fosters cultural tourism in Ekiti State,” he added.

The Olosunta Festival promises a rich array of cultural performances, traditional rites, and communal activities celebrating the heritage of Ikere Ekiti. This collaboration between the Olukere in Council and the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development is expected to elevate the festival, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees and reinforcing Ikere Ekiti’s position as a cultural and tourism hub.

The Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development is dedicated to promoting tourism within Ekiti State. The Bureau works to enhance the cultural and economic impact of tourism through support and collaboration with local communities and cultural custodians.

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