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I’ll prioritize community enhancement, legislation —Adamawa lawmaker

I’ll prioritize community enhancement, legislation —Adamawa lawmaker

By Matthew Atungwu

Legislator for Adamawa-North, Sen. Amos Yohanna, says he will prioritize legislation and community improvement, with a focus on youth development in particular.

In an interview with reporters in Abuja on Monday, Yohanna, who took the oath of office and allegiance during the Senate session on October 25, stated as much.

This came after an Appeal Court pronounced him the victor of the senate election on February 26.

Yohanna stated that the many difficulties his residents faced were the basis for his choice to focus his legislative efforts on community and people-oriented representation.

“There are so many challenges in Adamawa North, it is an area that has been ravaged by insecurity; there are no good roads, there is so much poverty; there are no roads in some areas at all.

“There are issues on education, health, water and sanitation, these are challenges for the people and were caused by prolonged insecurity.”

He said he would seek the support and cooperation of other lawmakers to facilitate the enactment of deserving legislation for the good of Nigerians.

“So I will also seek the support of my colleagues in the Senate so that they will support me to make laws that will bring what is required for my people – accessible road, medical care, and education.”

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He said through oversight, he would ensure that whatever was appropriated to agencies for project development in his constituency would be used for the good of the people.

“I will represent the people responsibly with equity and will ensure that everyone in Adamawa North is united.

“We will articulate collectively with the people by ensuring a bottom-up approach, where the people will be involved in town hall meetings, and community engagement so that we will articulate together what is needed for the people.

“That is the style of representation that I will deploy in my representation for the people.”

Yohanna said that given his campaign promises which were centred on youth development, he would engage the youth in his representations for Information Technology and artificial intelligence development.

“My stay in the Senate is for the people to have impactful representation; this is my number one interest, Nigeria.”

He said his representation was for the betterment of his constituents and by extension, Nigeria in general.

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