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Inspector-General of Police Launches Special Intervention Squad in FCT to Combat Insecurity

Inspector-General of Police Launches Special Intervention Squad in FCT to Combat Insecurity

By Matthew Eloyi

The Inspector-General of Police, Olukayode Egbetokun, has inaugurated the Special Intervention Squad (SIS) in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to address the rising activities of kidnappers and bandits, particularly in border towns within the territory.

The newly formed squad will be responsible for patrolling and securing communities along the various borders of the FCT, focusing on intervening to curb and mitigate violent attacks in the nation’s capital.

In late 2023, the Nigeria Police Force announced plans to deploy 40,000 operatives of the Special Intervention Squad, with Katsina and nine other states, including the FCT, identified as pilot locations for the squad’s activities. The proposed commanders underwent training in Mexico to oversee the operations of the SIS.

Since assuming office in June, Inspector-General Egbetokun prioritized the establishment of the SIS, emphasizing its role as a standby team of specially trained officers to swiftly intervene in large-scale security incidents. The SIS is not to be confused with the defunct Special Anti-Kidnapping Squad (SARS) and will operate under the command of Commissioners of Police in their respective states.

In an exclusive interview with The PUNCH, Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, clarified that the SIS would not engage in human rights abuses, emphasizing its operational distinction from SARS. Adejobi assured the public that the SIS, comprised mainly of Police Mobile Force operatives, CTU operatives, and tactical squad operatives, would focus on intervention purposes, and commanders would operate under the command of senior police officers.

The training for the Special Intervention Squad is ongoing, with plans for additional training in Mexico. The Inspector-General of Police has provided equipment for the SIS to commence operations, ensuring that the squad adheres to different Standard Operating Procedures and Rules of Engagement compared to previous units.

Moreover, the recent directive to withdraw Police Mobile Force personnel from VIP escort/guard duties aims to reassign these personnel to the Special Intervention Squad, strengthening the police force’s internal security architecture. Adejobi clarified that VIPs entitled to police escorts would continue to receive security details through other police units, such as the Special Protection Unit.

The Inspector-General’s initiative seeks to enhance the effectiveness of the police force, aligning with broader efforts to combat insecurity and prioritize public safety.

Inspector-General of Police Launches Special Intervention Squad in FCT to Combat Insecurity

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