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Kebbi Government Officials Rescue Missing Pilgrims in Mecca

Kebbi Government Officials Rescue Missing Pilgrims in Mecca

By Matthew Eloyi

No fewer than three missing Nigerian pilgrims have been rescued by Kebbi Government Officials (KGOs) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

It was learned that these officials, who are sponsored by the state government to perform Hajj, also assist other pilgrims where necessary.

Speaking in Mecca on Tuesday, Alhaji Nasir Idris, the Executive Director of Women’s Right Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA), Kebbi branch, described one such rescue. “We had to intervene and redirect a woman from Kamba Local Government Area back home through a taxi service,” Idris said. The woman had missed her way and ended up behind the Al-Masjid Al-Haram (Kaaba).

Idris elaborated on the various activities of the KGOs, noting that they often assist with translation and act as intermediaries due to language barriers. “We also offer useful suggestions to committees to ensure the success of the Hajj exercise,” he added.

The KGOs’ assistance extends beyond Kebbi State to all Nigerian pilgrims. Idris shared another instance where they recently rescued two women from Bauchi State who had lost their way to their hotel. “The quick intervention of the KGOs led them to their hotels without any difficulty,” he said.

Idris emphasized that the humanitarian services provided by the KGOs would continue throughout the Hajj operation and appealed for more support and cooperation from the pilgrims to ensure a successful exercise. He advised pilgrims to always move in groups to avoid losing their way and to be cautious with their spending. Additionally, he encouraged them to seek guidance from clerics on performing proper Hajj rituals.

“They should always be cautious in spending their basic travelling allowance and routinely ask clerics for guidance on the proper Hajj rituals for them to perform an acceptable Hajj,” Idris concluded.


Kebbi Government Officials Rescue Missing Pilgrims in Mecca

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