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Minister Eases Job Loss Fears Amid Oronsaye Report Implementation

Minister Eases Job Loss Fears Amid Oronsaye Report Implementation

By Matthew Eloyi

The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, addressed concerns regarding potential job losses following the approval of the implementation of recommendations from the long-awaited Oronsaye Report.

In a statement released by his media aide, Rabiu Ibrahim, the Minister reassured the public about the government’s intentions amidst the restructuring process.

The Federal Government recently greenlit the execution of select proposals from the Oronsaye Report, which aims to streamline governance and reduce operational costs. This decision entails the merging of 29 government agencies, the absorption of eight parastatals into other entities, relocation of four agencies to different ministries, and consideration for the abolition of one agency.

The Oronsaye Report, commissioned in 2012 and submitted the same year, highlighted the existence of 541 statutory and non-statutory Federal Government parastatals, commissions, and agencies. It recommended significant reforms, including the reduction of statutory agencies from 263 to 161, scrapping of 38 agencies, merging of 52 entities, and reversion of 14 to departments within ministries.

Addressing apprehensions about potential job losses, Minister Idris clarified that the government’s primary objective is to enhance efficiency in service delivery and reduce expenditure, not to lay off workers. He emphasized that the implementation of the report aligns with President Tinubu’s commitment to fiscal prudence and responsible governance, aiming for a thorough review of government commissions, agencies, and parastatals.

Minister Idris underscored that the decision to approve the Oronsaye Report’s implementation followed meticulous consideration to ensure essential services remain unaffected. He reiterated the government’s dedication to maintaining a balance between cost reduction and preserving employment opportunities.

The reassurance from Minister Idris comes as a relief to many amidst the ongoing structural reforms, reflecting the government’s commitment to prudent management of resources while safeguarding jobs and essential services.

Minister Eases Job Loss Fears Amid Oronsaye Report Implementation

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