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NDA Commandant Harps on Discipline, Dedication as Academy Matriculates 439 Cadets

NDA Commandant Harps on Discipline, Dedication as Academy Matriculates 439 Cadets

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) marked a significant milestone with the matriculation of 439 cadets of the 75 Regular Course on Wednesday.

During the ceremony, these cadets, selected from a pool of approximately 30,000 applicants, were charged with upholding values of discipline, integrity, loyalty, and dedication to their chosen careers.

Maj.-Gen. John Ochai, the Commandant of the NDA, highlighted that matriculation at the academy follows a rigorous seven-week military orientation program. This program ensures that only the best candidates, judged on physical, medical, and mental abilities, are selected for admission.

The 439 cadets, which include an allied cadet from The Gambia, were distributed among various faculties. Specifically, 138 cadets were formally introduced to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, 118 to the Faculty of Science, 37 to the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, 55 to the Faculty of Management Sciences, and 91 to the Faculty of Military Science and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Maj.-Gen. Ochai underscored the commitment of the NDA to preparing cadets for future national responsibilities. He urged parents to continue providing necessary support and encouragement to the matriculating cadets. Notably, all undergraduate degree programs at the academy have received accreditation from the National Universities Commission, reinforcing the institution’s status as an effective military establishment of international standards.

“The NDA of today has therefore transformed into an effective military institution of international standard. It is continuously being equipped with all it takes to meet global standards in consonant with the requirements of our constitutional roles,” remarked Maj.-Gen. Ochai.

In closing, the Commandant emphasized the importance of courage and determination in overcoming challenges. He reminded the cadets that their training at the academy is geared towards equipping them for national defence and the professional discharge of constitutional responsibilities.

Urging strict adherence to the rules and regulations governing their training, Maj.-Gen. Ochai expressed confidence in the cadets’ ability to meet the demands of their education and future roles in service to the nation.

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