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NDA Unveils Inspiring Black Panther Mascot for Dalet Battalion

NDA Unveils Inspiring Black Panther Mascot for Dalet Battalion

In a notable ceremony, Major General JO Ochai, the Commandant of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), commissioned the official Mascot for the Dalet Battalion as a tribute to all Daletians, both current and retired members.

The event transpired on Monday at the Dalet Battalion complex, located in Afaka.

General Ochai, who performed the unveiling of the new Black Panther mascot for the Dalet Battalion, expressed his contentment with the exceptional quality of the artwork.

He emphasized that this Mascot would serve as a source of inspiration for Daletians, reminding them of its symbolic significance.

The Commandant commended the Cadet Brigade Commander, Brigadier General OI Odigie, for authorizing the Commanding Officer of Dalet Battalion, Wing Commander MO Mazeli, to oversee the realization of this project.

Dalet Battalion, established in 1972, eight years after the inception of the NDA, was named in honour of a Nigerian Army contingent that played a pivotal role during World War II.

The battalion’s namesake pays tribute to the dedication and unwavering commitment displayed by the Dalet contingent during the war.

The choice of the Black Panther as the symbol to represent the Dalet Battalion was deliberate, owing to its distinct characteristics.

The Panther is renowned for its high energy levels, adeptness in facing challenges, and its ability to act swiftly and decisively.

It is envisioned that, like the Black Panther, the cadets of the Dalet Battalion will draw inspiration from intuitive reasoning, organizational prowess, strategic coherence, and unwavering commitment to their core values and goals as they carry out their responsibilities.

NDA Unveils Inspiring Black Panther Mascot for Dalet Battalion

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