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Nigeria, others seek inclusive global tax system

Nigeria, others seek inclusive global tax system

By Matthew Atungwu

Nigeria and the African Group on Thursday advocated for an equal and fair international tax structure to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At a press conference in New York on the topic of “Promotion of Inclusive and Effective International Tax Cooperation at the United Nations,” the group’s officials made the announcement.

Nigeria presented a historic resolution at the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) that set the stage for the development of a new international tax cooperation system with a universal scope and methodology.

With this, member states decided to convene a conference on tax cooperation for the first time, as well as to debate and evaluate global tax issues every year.

Following lengthy deliberation over a rejected modification, the motion—which was brought before the African Group of States by Nigeria—was unanimously approved.

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The envoys did, however, voice hope that encouraging inclusive international tax cooperation would continue to be a vital step toward achieving the 2030 SDGs.

The resolution, according to Amb. Chola Milambo, Chair of the African Group, is a step towards a future in which environmental stewardship and economic progress go hand in hand with sustainable development.

“In essence, this Convention is about humanizing our approach to global economics. It’s about creating a system that serves not just economies but the people at their core.

“It represents a commitment to a future where every nation, regardless of its economic stature, can thrive.

“On behalf of the African Group, I appeal for collaborative effort and consensus in realizing this Convention.

“Together, we can forge a global tax system that is truly representative, fair, and effective, benefiting every nation and every citizen,” he said.

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