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Nigerian Army Neutralisea Terrorists in Yadi Forest

Nigerian Army Neutralisea Terrorists in Yadi Forest

Nigerian Army Neutralisea Terrorists in Yadi Forest

In a targeted and successful mission, Nigerian Army troops conducted deep clearance operations in Yadi Forest, Kaduna State, on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, effectively flushing out terrorists who had taken refuge in the remote forest area, resulting in a significant crackdown on the insurgents’ activities.

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Encountering an ambush set by the terrorists during the operation, the gallant troops responded swiftly with a heavy volume of fire, neutralising one of the attackers and causing the others to disperse in disarray.

The aftermath of the encounter revealed a substantial recovery of arms and ammunition, including 2 Ak 47 Rifles, 6 Ak 47 Magazines, 5 rounds of 7.62mm Special ammunition, 331 rounds of 7.62mm x 54 PKT Machine Gun ammunition, and 2 PKT Machine Gun ammunition links.

Additionally, the troops discovered and destroyed terrorists’ camps that were meticulously concealed along the river lines.

Among the items seized were 3 Motorbikes, 2 Power Generating sets, 2 Desert Camouflage outfits, a pair of Desert boots, Leg and hand chains used for fastening kidnap victims, 9 Baofeng Radios with 9 Chargers, one Talisman vest, an International Passport, 2 Voter’s cards, and 2 National Identity cards.

Emphasising their commitment, the troops are actively pursuing fleeing terrorists in a renewed effort to eliminate terrorist activities and restore peace and stability in the region.

Major General Onyema Nwachukwu, Director of Army Public Relations, urges the public to remain vigilant, reporting any suspicious activities to security agencies as part of the collective endeavor to combat terrorism in the country.

Nigerian Army Neutralisea Terrorists in Yadi Forest

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