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NYPN calls for  immediate removal of Minister for Defence Matawalle.

NYPN calls for  immediate removal of Minister for Defence Matawalle.

The Northern Youth Progressive Network (NYPN) has issued a resounding call for the immediate removal of Minister for Defence, Bello Muhammad Matawalle.

This was contained in a press release made available to the media in Abuja, signed by  the Director General of the group, Hon. Yunus Hassan Muhammad, who expressed grave concerns about the prevailing security situation in the country, particularly in the northern region.

The NYPN, a prominent youth advocacy group, cited several reasons for their demand. First and foremost, they questioned Minister Matawalle’s competence and ability to secure the nation.

“As a native of the north, the minister should have been better equipped to address the escalating waves of crimes, criminalities, and unrest plaguing the region.

“His tenure has coincided with a surge in insecurity, leaving citizens vulnerable and disillusioned.

“Over the past ten months, it has become increasingly clear that Bello Matawalle’s actions and decisions are not aligned with the best interests of our country.”

“Specific concerns include the growing menace of insecurity in the northern region. Attacks by terrorists and bandits have become alarmingly frequent, resulting in loss of life, economic setbacks, and a demoralised populace.

The NYPN believes that Minister Matawalle’s leadership failures have created a toxic environment within the Ministry of Defence. Trust and confidence in his ability to address security challenges have eroded significantly. The group insists that his continued tenure poses a threat to the nation’s future.

“We are resolute in our quest to advocate for the removal of  Bello Matawalle from office,” Hon. Yunus Hassan Muhammad emphasised. “We urge President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to take this matter seriously and act swiftly in the best interest of our country.”

The NYPN plans to hold a world press conference in the coming days, rallying support across the northern region and beyond. Their goal is to relieve the burden of insecurity that has plagued Nigeria and pave the way for a competent leader who can restore confidence and guide the nation in a more positive and productive direction.

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