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Oil theft: Naval Chief promises to hit tough on sea-pirates in Niger Delta

Oil theft: Naval Chief promises to hit tough on sea-pirates in Niger Delta

The Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Awwal Gambo, promised sea pirates and their collaborators operating in the Niger Delta region tough days ahead in their act of oil burgles.

Gambo who promised to clamp down on criminal elements warned naval personnel to avoid engaging in acts capable of tarnishing the image of the Nigerian Navy.

The Naval Chief who stated this during a familiarization visit to the headquarters of the Central Naval Command (CNC)Yenagoa, Bayelsa State said those found to be colluding with economic saboteurs, drug barons, traffickers, bandits and kidnappers to perpetrate their nefarious acts will be fished out and dealt with decisively.

He vowed to introduce policies and measures to sanction Nigerian Navy personnel who showed signs of laziness and ineptitude during service while promising to reward those involved in acts of gallantry, professionalism and excellence in service to the nation.

Gambo noted that despite the facts that the Nigerian Navy is expanding in operations and adopting more decentralization of administration to principal staff, the Navy will not hesitate to drop principal staff founding wanting in handling responsibilities.

He urged naval personnel to hit the ground running in fulfilment of the Presidential order to all security chiefs and formation to reverse the worrisome security situation in the country with visits to all naval formations to assess the readiness to tackle such security challenges.

”Nigerians are not patient and they want quick action and now. We have started to hit the ground running,” he said.

Gambo seized the opportunity to unveil the new maritime policy under his administration which includes the improvement of the nation’s maritime domain in line with Presidential order. “Professionalism is needed and good conduct must be upheld alongside discipline and integrity. While efforts are being made to improve welfare, I shall not hesitate to review values and contributions of every personnel in the line of duty” he said

While promising to improve the maintenance capacity of the Nigerian Navy, he frowned at the non-optimal use of technical officers of the navy noting that civilian technicians are used for navy repairs instead of the technical personnel doing the needed jobs.

Oil theft: Naval Chief promises to hit tough on sea-pirates in Niger Delta

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