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Olowu of Owu-Kuta Honours ‘Alaga Iyawo’, Abiola Bamidele With Chieftancy Title

Olowu of Owu-Kuta Honours ‘Alaga Iyawo’, Abiola Bamidele With Chieftaincy Title

Jerry Adesewo

Olowu of Owu-Kuta, His Royal Highness Oba Hameed Adekunle Oyelude Makama, CON, Tegbosun III, is set to bestow the coveted title of Erelu Borokini of Owu-Kuta upon the esteemed Abiola Bamidele, CEO of Bisbam.

Scheduled for Friday, December 1, 2023, this event promises to be a high-society affair steeped in tradition, as the city of Kuta prepares to witness this momentous occasion.

Abiola Bamidele, popularly known as Lady BisBam, has left an indelible mark on various fronts, earning recognition as a visionary entrepreneur, philanthropist, and cultural icon.

Born on July 4, 1970, in Epe, Lagos, her journey has been one of unwavering commitments to cultural preservation, entrepreneurship, and community upliftment.

Notably recognized as the “Alaga Iyawo” (Traditional Wedding MC) for over thirty years, Lady BisBam’s advocacy for the preservation of culture and tradition has earned her respect both at home and abroad. Her dedication extends beyond cultural roles, as she has demonstrated leadership acumen by founding BISBAM Global Ventures, a venture that offers a one-stop sanctuary for Aso Oke, Aso Ebi, and traditional bridal ensembles.

Furthermore, Lady BisBam’s entrepreneurial prowess led to the establishment of “Arewa Jewellery Shop,” celebrating the heritage of Nigerian culture through exquisite jewellery. Her ability to identify market trends and adapt quickly propelled her ventures to success.

In addition to her entrepreneurial achievements, Abiola Bamidele has been a role model and advocate for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women. Her online Family Building Forum, HOME BUILDERS, boasts close to 80,000 members, a thriving community uniting individuals worldwide and mending fractured families.

Lady BisBam’s commitment to community building extends to the establishment of the “Alaga Academy,” known as “THE RISING STARS.” This institution provides mentorship to budding talents, producing over 150 accomplished graduates who are making significant strides in their respective fields.

Moreover, Lady BisBam’s philanthropic efforts include supporting women facing cancer, providing crucial resources, emotional support, and advocacy. Her impact on spiritual and communal well-being is exemplified by her single-handed construction of a church and a mosque, fostering community engagement and a sense of belonging.

Recognised with over 100 national and international awards, Lady BisBam has become a true exemplar of excellence. As the matron of various foundations, including the Gleam Foundation and African Women Cancer Awareness USA, she continues to contribute significantly to societal well-being.

Her digital influence is nothing short of a phenomenon, with over half a million dedicated followers across social media platforms. Lady BisBam’s online presence amplifies her empowering vision for a stronger, culturally enriched Nigeria, connecting with individuals inspired by her leadership.

In Abiola Bamidele’s remarkable journey, the bestowal of the Erelu Borokini of Owu Kuta title by Olowu Kuta adds another illustrious chapter, affirming her status as a cultural and community leader dedicated to uplifting Nigerian women and preserving their cherished heritage.

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