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Osun Govt reiterates commitment to alleviating poverty

Osun Govt reiterates commitment to alleviating poverty

By Richard Akintade, Osogbo

Osun State Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke has reiterated his complete efforts on cooperatives which he described as a veritable vehicle to alleviate poverty in the society.

Governor Adeleke added that his administration would also continue to demonstrate support for a sustainable model as a veritable tool to impact the rural dwellers lifting the majority out of poverty and hunger.

The governor who was speaking through the State Commissioner for Cooperatives and Empowerment, Hon Bayo Ogungbangbe at the 5th National Cooperative Awards Dinner and Patrons Investiture Ceremony in Lagos State as the representative of Governor Adeleke, eloquently conveyed the governor’s vision and unwavering support for cooperative development initiatives.

His address highlighted the pivotal role of cooperatives in fostering economic stability, empowering communities, and fostering sustainable growth across various sectors.

Hon. Ogungbangbe’s representation epitomized the Osun State government’s steadfast dedication to promoting cooperative development as a catalyst for economic advancement and community empowerment while it served as a testament to the unwavering dedication of the Osun State government to the development and enhancement of cooperative endeavours within the region.

This prestigious gathering marked a celebration of remarkable achievements within the cooperative sector, honouring outstanding contributions and recognizing the unwavering commitment of patrons.

The event, held in the heart of Lagos, was a platform designed to acknowledge the pivotal role that cooperatives play in the socio-economic fabric of the nation. It brought together esteemed personalities, stakeholders, and enthusiasts passionate about fostering growth, sustainability, and innovation within the cooperative.

Throughout the ceremony, notable cooperatives and individuals were honoured and acknowledged for their exceptional contributions and significant impact on the cooperative landscape. The awards served not only as recognition for their achievements but also as inspiration for others to strive for excellence within the cooperative sphere.

Furthermore, the investiture of patrons symbolized a commitment to furthering the ideals of cooperatives, acknowledging the support and guidance these patrons provide to ensure the success and sustainability of cooperative ventures.

The event’s setting in Lagos, a bustling hub of commerce and innovation, underscored the nationwide significance of cooperative efforts in driving economic progress and fostering inclusive growth.

The 5th National Cooperative Awards Dinner and Patrons Investiture Ceremony served as a momentous occasion to honour achievements, recognize dedication, and reaffirm the commitment of government and stakeholders to foster an environment conducive to the flourishing of cooperative enterprises.

The Commissioner was at the event with Special Adviser to the Governor, Hon Isaac Durojaye, and the Director of Cooperatives, Ministry of Cooperative and Empowerment, Mr Babatunde Ogunjide among others entourage.

The ceremony concluded on a high note, amplifying the importance of collaboration, innovation, and sustained support for the cooperative sector, ensuring its continued pivotal role in shaping a brighter future for the nation.

Osun Govt reiterates commitment to alleviating poverty

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