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Sambajo Commends Dangote’s Decades-Long Contribution to Nigerian Business

Sambajo Commends Dangote's Decades-Long Contribution to Nigerian Business

Sambajo Commends Dangote’s Decades-Long Contribution to Nigerian Business

Alhaji Salisu Sambajo, a prominent international business tycoon based in Kano and chairman of Sambajo General Enterprises Limited, has described Aliko Dangote, President of the Dangote Group, as a rare gem and benevolent industrialist for fostering trade and commerce in the North and throughout Nigeria over nearly four decades.

During a visit to the Dangote pavilion at the ongoing Kano International Trade Fair, Mr Sambajo expressed his gratitude, stating, “I can say confidently that Aliko has been supporting us for the past 40 years, and he has lifted us up when our businesses were going under.”

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Highlighting Dangote’s significant role in commercial activities, particularly in the North, Sambajo emphasized, “Aliko’s support in growing commercial activities in the North and all over the nation cannot be quantified. The history of Nigeria’s commerce, and indeed of industrialization, cannot be completed without his name topping the list. It’s only God that can reward him.”

Sambajo, known as one of the largest business figures in northern Nigeria, shared his personal experience, saying, “I am telling you this confidently because I am one of the beneficiaries of his generosity. No one can deny his kindheartedness and support, and God is with such people.”

He recalled Dangote’s financial commitment through the Bank of Industry for the development of small businesses in Nigeria, with the aim of creating one million jobs. Additionally, Sambajo noted Dangote’s substantial donations during crises, including the 2012 flooding and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At the peak of the Boko Haram crisis, Aliko Dangote had donated a housing estate worth billions to the Internally Displaced persons in Borno State. His interventions are so numerous,” Sambajo added.

Describing Dangote as a selfless individual dedicated to lifting people out of poverty, Sambajo remarked, “Aliko has since stopped working for himself. All he has been doing is to lift people out of poverty. He’s a very kind and generous person. He deserves all our respect, and it’s a big honour that God created such a man in Nigeria.”

Sambajo highlighted the enduring relationship of over 40 years with Dangote and praised the upcoming Dangote Refinery as a legacy project that will positively impact the country’s economy.

It’s worth noting that Dangote Group is the major sponsor of the ongoing 44th Kano International Trade Fair.

Sambajo Commends Dangote’s Decades-Long Contribution to Nigerian Business

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