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Senate Advances Bills for Technological Development and Education

Senate Advances Bills for Technological Development and Education

Senate Advances Bills for Technological Development and Education

By Ayshatu S. Rabo 

On Wednesday, the Senate delved into a series of bills aimed at propelling Nigeria’s technological advancement and educational sector while also addressing pressing security concerns across the nation.

Sen. Patrick Chiwuba Ndubueze (Imo North) spearheaded the discussion on a bill proposing the establishment of the Projects Development Agency (PRODA) in Enugu. The agency seeks to bolster scientific, engineering, and technological research to drive Nigeria’s socio-economic growth. This initiative received warm commendation from various quarters, highlighting its potential to empower local communities.

Similarly, Sen. Kenneth Emeka Eze (Ebonyi Central) championed a bill advocating for the establishment of the Federal Polytechnic Onueke in Ebonyi State. This institution aims to offer courses in technology, applied science, management, and other fields to equip students with relevant skills for the workforce.

In a bid to enhance efficiency and accountability in Hajj operations, Sen. Aminu Iya Abbas (Adamawa Central) proposed amendments to the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria Act. This bill, which received widespread support, underscores the Senate’s commitment to streamlining crucial processes for the benefit of Nigerian pilgrims.

Furthermore, the Senate demonstrated its dedication to education by approving the establishment of the National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration, as presented by Sen. Usman Lawal Adamu (Kaduna Central). This move signifies a significant stride towards enhancing the educational landscape in Nigeria.

Amidst legislative deliberations, the Senate also addressed urgent security matters, particularly the spate of killings in several communities. Sen. Ezea Okechukwu (Enugu North) led the charge in urging law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute criminal elements responsible for these atrocities. The Senate’s decisive action underscores its commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all Nigerians.

Moreover, Sen. Suleiman Abdulrahman Kawu (Kano South) raised pertinent issues regarding the autonomy of local governments, emphasizing the need for genuine control and decision-making power at the grassroots level. The Senate’s call for the resuscitation of the local government system reflects its recognition of the pivotal role these entities play in fostering development and fostering community engagement.

Senate Advances Bills for Technological Development and Education

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