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Two honorary doctorate Degrees in 30 days is a testament to Gen. Buratai’s uncommon leadership style.

Two honorary doctorate Degrees in 30 days is a testament to Gen. Buratai’s uncommon leadership style.

By Comr. Sadiq Jikta

We members of the Independent Coalition of APC Support Group Leaders (ICASGL) and Fusion 774, a political and socio-economic advocacy group, join the rest of Nigerians in marking another milestone achievement made by the former ambassador and Chief of Army Staff, Amb. T.Y. Buratai CFR (Lt. Gen. Rtrd), the conferment with the Honorary Doctorate Degree of International Relations and Strategic Studies, by the Igbinedion University Okada.

As the leader of the two groups, I would like to, on behalf of the two organisations, express my deepest appreciation and celebrate the milestone so achieved by Buratai. We understand that this Honorary Doctorate of International Relations and Strategic Studies is awarded to those who have contributed profoundly to the progress of human society and research.

This achievement is especially meaningful to those of us who look up to him as a role model.”

We at Fusion 774 and ICASGL are ecstatic about these accomplishments; it shows that Buratai’s dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed. This serves as a motivation to the younger generation to look up to what someone of his age can achieve. He has attained these accomplishments through dedication and hard work. Very recently, the Nigerian Army University in Biu Borno State conferred on him a doctorate degree of letters (honoris causa). This is among others that he has received, which are well-deserved; we believe he has earned them through commitment to hard work. This is the trait of a life-long leadership style. We congratulate you, sir! for proving it to those of us who believed in you. We see you as a strong man; these achievements are a testament to your talent and determination.

The Igbinedion University Okada was deeply honoured to award such an individual for this important academic conferment. T.Y. Buratai has made an immense contribution to the advancement of research through the Tukur Buratai Research Centre.

Furthermore, he has been committed to the promotion of security in Nigeria and the Sahel Africa region. He has set a true example of noblesse oblige by engaging himself actively in pursuit of excellence for Nigeria and the global community.

The history of insurgency in Nigeria will not be complete without his contribution to restoring peace in that region. He held a special place in the hearts of North-easterners as a person of special friendship. Soldiers revered him for the vital role he played in bringing reforms to the Army, to the extent of making sure their allowances were paid promptly, even giving them cigarette allowances, prior to soldiers being demoralised due to poor leadership.

We certainly believe that this memorable conferment of an honorary doctorate degree by IUO is another call to serve the community in the future, be it in academics, humanitarians, or politics. The exemplary service of T.Y. Buratai prompted the Governing Council and the Senate of the University to confer on him an honorary doctorate degree.

It is a truism and an incontrovertible fact that T.Y. Buratai’s life is service to humanity, irrespective of tribe, religion, gender, or nationality. As attested before, he has been a bridge builder, a philanthropist, and a goal-getter who has never let a chance pass him by in adding value to any opportunity that comes his way. He is described by his people as a great gift; another description of him is a man of several parts; he is a friend of royalties across the length and breadth of this country. The above description captures the essence of his person.

We are proud to be associated with his accomplishments.

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