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Umahi knocks ‘Atikulated, Obidients’over Tinubu’s Chicago certificates

Umahi knocks ‘Atikulated, Obidients’ over Tinubu’s Chicago certificates

David Umahi, Minister of Works, has urged supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party and the Labour Party’s presidential candidates, dubbed “Atikulated” and “Obidients,” respectively, to leave President Bola Tinubu alone.

Umahi was speaking in Abuja on Tuesday as he unveiled his Ministry’s policy direction.

He condemned as unfortunate the unwholesome attention being paid by Chicago State University to calls for the publication of President Tinubu’s academic records, despite the fact that the President’s performance throughout his public life demonstrates the character of “an A student.”

The Minister said, “This (President Bola Tinubu) is a man who is the answer to the prayers of Nigerians to God.

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“This is a man who has passed through all the stages… look at his appointments in the FCT, Works, Finance and all others. This President is the last hope for this country, his renewed hope agenda needs the support of all of us.

“All those ‘Atikulated and Obidients’, let them bring their (principals) who filed WAEC certificates; what did they score? They are challenging someone who is an ‘A’ student.”

The minister slammed several State Controllers of Works, accusing them of failing to meet their duty to ensure road projects are completed properly.

Except for the Director in the South West and his staff, to whom he gave a pass, he said the rest of the crew needed to sit up or risk losing their jobs.

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