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2023: Yahaya Bello can lead Nigeria to greatness – Amb. Bolori

2023: Yahaya Bello can lead Nigeria to greatness –Amb. Bolori
Amb. Ahmed Bolori, Special Adviser on Public Relations to Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, has said the Governor has what it takes to lead Nigeria to greatness if he becomes the president of the country in 2023.
Amb. Bolori, who said this in an exclusive interview with Our Nigeria News Magazine, on Wednesday, stated that even though the governor has not officially said anything about his presidential ambition, those who have worked with him and believe in him are calling on him to contest in the presidential race come 2023.
In his words, “the presidential ambition, for now, is not yet that of His Excellency. We that have worked with him or are working with him and then other people that know what he is doing and want the best for this country are the ones calling on him to contest for the president of Nigeria just so he could even in a better way replicate what he is doing in Kogi in Nigeria as a whole.”
Talking about his principal’s capacity to rule the country, Bolori said there is no one with a more proven capacity than Bello as far as the 2023 presidential race is concerned.
“I do not think there are many people like him with much capacity, proven capacity to say, that would be able to drive the wheels of this country. He has practically done all these things in Kogi. If I have forgotten to mention, let me clearly say this, Kogi as I have always said is another version of a small Nigeria.
“Kogi is bordering ten states in Nigeria and Nigeria as a country itself is bordering only four countries. I am not saying this with the idea of trying to divide this country into different states but the reality is we have people of different and diverse cultures and traditions that reside in these ten states including Kogi itself and the federal capital. Kogi has been able to be there to manage the link between these states, maintain peace and then improve peaceful coexistence and development, and all these are achievements.
“So if only one person at the state level can achieve all these within this short time, I believe that person has all it takes to move the affairs of this country further” Bolori added.
2023: Yahaya Bello can lead Nigeria to greatness – Bolori

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