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Army Chief Pledges Support for Troops at Combat Arms Training Week

Army Chief Pledges Support for Troops at Combat Arms Training Week

By Matthew Eloyi

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt.-Gen. Taoreed Lagbaja has reaffirmed the Nigerian Army’s commitment to ensuring that troops receive the highest benefits in recognition of their sacrifices in defending Nigeria.

Speaking at the Combat Arms Training (CAT) Week 2024 held at the Infantry Corps Centre, Jaji Military Cantonment, Lagbaja emphasized the importance of improving the capabilities of the combat arms to meet the constitutional imperatives of the Nigerian Army.

He highlighted the significance of the event in fostering interaction between the combat arms and other arms and services, promoting operational efficiency. Lagbaja commended officers and men serving on the front lines and in other capacities for their dedication and urged them to continue their efforts to rid the nation of insecurity.

The COAS emphasized the need for professionalism, adherence to the law, and loyalty to the constitution among Nigerian Army personnel. He also underscored the importance of sound planning, effective leadership, and command in combat, noting that these aspects are crucial for operational success.

The theme of this year’s CAT Week, “Sound Administration: A Panacea for Improved Combat Arms’ Efficiency in a Joint Environment,” aligns with Lagbaja’s Command Philosophy, which emphasizes the role of sound administration in enhancing operational efficiency.

Lagbaja highlighted administrative efforts aimed at enhancing troop welfare, including the COAS Empowerment Loan Scheme and the Affordable Housing Ownership Option for All Soldiers. He pledged to address challenges such as inadequate spares and assemblies, poor accommodation, and other administrative issues to improve operational functionality.

The COAS also emphasized the importance of training, equipment, and sound administration in enhancing the capabilities of combat arms. He encouraged leveraging the skills and competencies of the Combat Support and Combat Service Support Corps to defeat contemporary threats.

Lagbaja expressed appreciation to President Bola Tinubu for his unwavering support for the Nigerian Army. The COAS reiterated his commitment to implementing administrative measures that enhance troop welfare and operational efficiency, in line with his vision for a more efficient Nigerian Army.


Army Chief Pledges Support for Troops at Combat Arms Training Week

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