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Benue: Ojema Ignites Transformation with Solar Light Installation in Apa

Benue: Ojema Ignites Transformation with Solar Light Installation in Apa

In a significant stride towards improving the quality of life in Apa Local Government Area of Benue State, Hon. Pst Ojotu Ojema, the esteemed representative of Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency in the 10th National Assembly and Chairman of the House Standing Committee on National Inland Waterways, has initiated a transformative project by commencing the installation of solar lights throughout the LGA.

According to a press statement by Olikita Ekani, Media Aide to the House of Reps Member, the commencement of this commendable initiative was marked by the delivery of solar equipment on Monday, August 28, 2023, in Ugbokpo, the headquarters of Apa Local Government Area.

Hon. Pst Ojema, who was represented by his Legislative Aide I, Prince Antenyi Antenyi, reiterated his commitment to the welfare of the constituents as he addressed the gathering. He assured the people of Apa that all 11 council wards within the local government would be beneficiaries of this impactful project.

This endeavour, undertaken in less than 100 days since taking office, demonstrates Hon. Ojema’s dedication to delivering tangible results to his constituents. The installation of solar lights is anticipated to bring about increased security and enhanced public spaces, improving the overall living conditions in Apa Local Government Area.

Prince Antenyi Antenyi, the Legislative Aide representing Hon. Pst Ojema, encouraged the communities set to benefit from the solar lights to take ownership of the project. He emphasized the importance of protecting and maintaining these solar lights as a communal asset.

Antenyi also hinted at more developmental initiatives on the horizon, underscoring the commitment of Hon. Ojema to bringing dividends of democracy directly to the doorsteps of the people.

The local communities expressed their gratitude for the early commencement of this pivotal project. Hon. Joseph Otokpa, Chairman of the Apa Local Government Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), lauded Hon. Ojema’s proactive approach to governance despite his short time in office.

Otokpa affirmed the communities’ dedication to making the most of these solar lights, which promise to uplift their everyday lives.
The first batch of solar lights is slated for distribution and installation starting on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, across five wards within the local government.

These wards include Ugbokpo, Iga, Oiji, Edikwu, and Ojantele/Akpete. The project is poised to significantly impact the lives of residents within these communities by providing reliable and sustainable lighting solutions.
In addition to Prince Antenyi Antenyi, other members of Hon. Ojema’s entourage present at the delivery included Igo Igo, his Media Assistant, and Hon. Godwin Hyacinth, a Youth Mobilizer.

Benue: Ojema Ignites Transformation with Solar Light Installation in Apa

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